From Stage to Page: A Guide to Musicians Who Write Comics

Fresh out of New York Comic Con came the news that musician The Weeknd and Marvel Comics would be teaming up for an upcoming series, titled Starboy. Named after the musician’s multi-platinum 2016 album (and hit single), it also ushers The Weeknd into the ranks of musicians who have crossed over into the world of comics that includes Gerard Way, Gene Simmons and Darryl McDaniels.

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Just how many musicians have crossed over into the world of comics, you ask? Short answer: it’s a lot (and that’s not even including the various comics inspired by bands or music, like the countless KISS comics, the genre biography Hip Hop Family Tree or that time Eminem teamed up with the Punisher). Long answer: Sit back and put on your favourite record or playlist because this may take awhile.

Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance)

Gerard Way is the name most people think of when they hear the phrase “musician turned comic writer.” Before forming My Chemical Romance, Way was a one-time intern at DC Comics and published his first series called On Raven’s Wing in 1993 (It was cancelled after two issues and he was credited as Garry Way). Over the last decade Way has cemented himself as one of the freshest voices in the industry, writing the dysfunctional superhero series Umbrella Academy (drawn by Gabriel Ba), the MCR tie-in The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys (drawn by Becky Cloonan), and an alternate reality Spider-Man one-shot in Edge of Spider-Verse #5. Most recently he’s been involved in curating DC Comic’s Young Animal line, writing Doom Patrol and co-writing Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye.

Max Bemis (Say Anything)

When he isn’t fronting pop-punk band Say Anything, Max Bemis spends his time writing comics. He’s worked on creator owned series, including bipolar superhero story, Polarity; the political commentary Evil Empire; and the nineties Image Comics homage, Oh, Killstrike.

Bemis has also written for Marvel, including a Spider-Man and Magneto short in A+X #14 along with the mini-series X-Men: Worst X-Man Ever, which was about a mutant who has the ability to blow himself up, but not the ability to put himself back together afterwards. He most recently wrote a Foolkiller mini-series, is currently writing a series based on the retro videogame Centipede and is set to write the upcoming Marvel Legacy relaunch of Moon Knight.

Jeffrey Lewis

Hailing from New York City, Jeffrey Lewis is half musician, half cartoonist. He illustrates the covers to his albums and his self-published, one-man anthology series Fuff (originally named Guff) has been going since 2004, which collects autobiographical stories, stories his dad told him, and the odd piece of fiction. He's also provided a segment for Harvey Pekar's The Beats: A Graphic History and a short comic press kit for the Mountain Goats’ album Heretic Pride.

Tom DeLonge (Blink-182, Angels & Airwaves)

Tom DeLonge is a man of many talents and interest. He’s a punk rocker, extraterrestrial and paranormal activity enthusiast, spaceship crowdfunder, and a one-time comic-book writer. Published in 2015, Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker was a three-issue series that was part of a cross-multimedia story which tied together with an eponymous animated short and Angels & Airwaves’ 2014 album, The Dream Walker. It focuses on brothers Jonas and Alan Anderson who discover a secret universe that can only be reached through their dreams.

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