Every Movie Trailer Released At Comic-Con 2019

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While Comic Con International in San Diego originally started out as a way to celebrate comics and allow fans to meet their favorite creators while also expressing themselves through the use of cosplay, the convention has in recent years become the go-to place for Hollywood to unveil hot projects. And this year was no different.

Things officially kicked off on Wednesday, when Kevin Smith dropped the first trailer for his Jay and Silent Bob reboot and New Line unveiled the terrifying new trailer for It: Chapter Two. But those offerings are only a hint of what the convention has had to offer this year. Despite numerous studios -- including Warner Bros. -- opting to forgo appearing at SDCC this year, there were still plenty of hot movie trailers that debuted as part of the festivities. So, without further ado, we're breaking down all of the trailers that dropped during SDCC this year.

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Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

Snoochie boochies! Director Kevin Smith's Jay and Silent Bob Reboot kicked off the festivities with a red-band trailer just ahead of SDCC's official start. It was a surprising move, especially given Smith was on hand with his Jay and Silent Bob co-star Jason Mewes. However, Smith tweeted out that he didn't want to make fans wait until his panel on Saturday night. The premise for the film is that Jay (Mewes) and Silent Bob (Smith) discover Hollywood is looking to reboot an old movie about them. This, naturally, leads to them setting out to stop the reboot from happening -- but not without some shenanigans along the way, including the introduction of Jay's daughter. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck make cameos in the trailer, while Smith's daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, takes on the role of Jay's daughter, Milly.

Steven Universe: The Movie

In the first trailer for Cartoon Network's Steven Universe: The Movie, we see an older Steven as he finds himself ready to retire from defending the Earth in hopes of spending more quality time with his friends. However, just as everything seems to be going well, a new threat comes to Beach City -- the mysterious gem with an upside down diamond -- that will destroy all organic life if he doesn't stop it. But doing so will be his most biggest challenge yet. Unlike the others on this list, Steven Universe: The Movie will not be getting a theatrical release. The movie will actually premiere on Cartoon Network on September 2.

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Top Gun: Maverick

Tom Cruise is back as Maverick in the long-gestating sequel to the 1986 classic in this first trailer from Paramount for Top Gun: Maverick. The trailer kicks off with Maverick back in the pilot's seat as a voice-over from Ed Harris, who plays his superior in the film, informs him that after 30-plus years of service and combat medals -- among other things -- he has yet to land a promotion. "You won't retire. Despite your best efforts, you refuse to die," he continues as Cruise's Maverick pulls off a dangerous stunt. "You should be at least a 2-star admiral by now. Yet, here you are. Captain. What is that?" The trailer then moves into full-blown nostalgia that should get fans of the first film excited for yet another ride with Cruise as Maverick

It: Chapter 2

The Losers' Club is back to take on Pennywise again in this terrifying final trailer for It: Chapter 2. The trailer begins with a voice over by Isaiah Mustafa's Mike, explaining how something happens once you manage to leave Derry behind -- something he never got a chance to know having never left. It then cuts to the Losers' Club present day as they reunite over drinks and food and recall a blood oath they made in which they swore if It ever returned to Derry, they would as well to finish what they'd started. From there, the horror and gore get turned up to 100 as Pennywise sets out to destroy the lives of the Losers' Club yet again. It's a chilling trailer that is made all the more terrifying by the accompanying music.

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21 Bridges

Starring such superhero film alumni as Chadwick Boseman and J.K. Simmons, 21 Bridges is produced by Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo. The film follows Boseman's character, Andre Davis, as an NYPD detective leading the charge against a group of cop killers. The movie itself is directed by Brian Kirk (Game of Thrones), and the trailer teases high-octane action and gunplay.

Terminator: Dark Fate

Okay, so technically, this one isn't a trailer. However, there is still plenty of new footage tossed in that it's worth highlighting. In the featurette released by Paramount during the panel for Terminator: Dark Fate, we get a behind-the-scenes look at filming on the movie, which also offers an extended look at a fight scene between franchise newbies Mackenzie Davis and Gabriel Luna. We also get to see Linda Hamilton's Sarah Connor drop a few f-bomb's as she sets out to take down some terminators. While it isn't a new trailer, it does a great job on selling the latest installment in a franchise that has found itself struggling with newer installments. As James Cameron says in the video, it feels more tonally in line with the first two Terminator movies and if you wanted to see more of Hamilton in action as Connor? There's plenty of that in the featurette!

All in all, this wasn't the best year for movie trailers. While there was a fair amount released, it's hard to ignore most of them got lost in the sea of all the other news to surface from SDCC -- as well as the first trailer for Cats, which wasn't even released as part of SDCC. There was a trailer for Black Widow shown at the Marvel Studios panel. However, that one didn't receive a wide release, so it's unclear when fans will actually be able to watch the footage.

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