Every Season of Marvel's Netflix Series Ranked, According to Critics


Jon Bernthal’s portrayal as Frank Castle in Daredevil Season 2 was cited as a huge highlight of the show by fans and critics alike. It’s no wonder then that when it was announced The Punisher was getting his own show, the masses rejoiced. But while fans seem to have a soft spot for the show, critics were slightly less favorable.

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At a 63% fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes and a 55 on Metacritic, Marvel’s The Punisher was a middle of the road affair according to critics. Liz Shannon Miller with indieWire captures the overall critic reaction by saying “As a narrative about veterans trying to find their place in the world, The Punisher has something to say. But it could have been so much shorter, and its placement in the Marvel universe feels tangential at best.” Perhaps the critics' reaction to The Punisher Season 2 will match how fans felt about this season.


Touted as Netflix’s answer to The Avengers, this eight episode limited series had a lot riding on it. With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 75% and a Metacric rating of 63, Marvel’s The Defenders saw Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage teaming up to take on the Hand. And despite some great fight scenes are fantastic interaction between these characters, the show never reached the levels of bliss that its premise promised.

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Tim Goodman from the Hollywood Reporter may have put it best: “Despite glaring flaws, the new Marvel show on Netflix becomes an enjoyable mashup of disparate heroes trying to save New York.” It is yet to be seen if this quartet will get another truncated season, but if they can work out the kinks, The Defenders could grow into something critics will champion a bit more.

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