Every Main Green Lantern, Ranked

When it comes to protecting the universe, the Green Lantern Corps take their jobs very seriously. While they were originally the key Lanterns, over the years other appeared in different colors including yellow, blue, and orange versions. However, at the end of the day, the Green Lanterns always stood at the front of the line.

While there are countless Green Lanterns, as they are assigned different quadrants to protect, not all Green Lanterns are created equal. In the pages of DC, there are plenty of different Lanterns, but there are only a few that are considered important enough to warrant a mention. Here is a look at the 10 best Green Lanterns, ranked.

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10 Weirdest DC Comics Characters
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10 Weirdest DC Comics Characters

Ego isn't the only living planet. Mogo is a sentient planet that also happens to be a Green Lantern. Instead of just wearing a ring -- since a planet has no fingers -- Mogo had the ring on his surface. For years, Mogo was just a side character but Geoff Johns saw a lot of promise in the living planet.

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Mogo became the planet that many Green Lanterns went to train on. Mogo also has a very important power that makes him invaluable to the Green Lantern Corps. He can purify individuals of the corrupting power of rings, such as that of the Red Lantern rings. After Oa's destruction, Mogo became the home of the Corps.


Sodam Yat as Ion

Alan Moore originally created Sodam Yat with a disturbing prophesy attached. His death would be the precursor to the fall of the Green Lantern Corps. This was important because his death would be a huge blow since he basically had the powers of Superman and was the strongest of the Green Lanterns.

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He finally came into prominence years later when Geoff Johns brought him in as a new Green Lantern recruit who had no idea that his prophesized death was written. Eventually, he hosts the Ion entity after Kle Rayner loses it and he helps save his Draxamite people with this power.


Jessica Cruz is one of the newest Green Lanterns when it comes to Earth. She was an interesting choice as well because she was the last character anyone would think of as a Lantern. With Hal Jordan setting the bar for bravery as a member of the Corps, someone who suffered from anxiety issues seemed out of her element.

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However, it only took some experience to help her overcome her fears and she grew in power as a result. She also is a great role model for people who suffer from anxiety issues as she battles them constantly. When she overcomes her fears, she is as powerful as any Green Lantern, but it is always an uphill struggle.


Alan Scott Green Lantern

Alan Scott was the first ever Green Lantern, first appearing in the Golden Age of comic books. His first appearance came long before DC ever created the Green Lantern Corps or the Guardians or any other part of the mythology. He was a crime fighter who just used the ring as a tool to move through walls, melt things, travel through time, and even hypnotize people.

His powers were neutered compared to what Green Lantern Corps members could do in later years. However, in the future, his powers were increased. He is one of the only Lanterns who doesn't need to charge the ring and he even was able to use his powers without the ring at all.


Simon Baz helped break barriers, becoming the first Muslim Green Lantern. He had a very unique difference over others because his ring was fused from Sinestro and Hal Jordan's rings, which caused it to not work right on occasion. As a result, he carried a handgun because he was scared the ring would stop working.

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With that said, after Batman convinced him to stop carrying the gun, Simon developed more control over the ring and with Jessica Cruz became a legitimate Green Lantern warrior. He also has some special powers, as he possesses Emerald Sight, which can see into the near future, and he can heal people using his indomitable will.


12. Kilowog Green Lantern Corps

Kilowog is loyal, powerful and someone that no one wants to mess with. He is also the one Green Lantern who can make sure that all new recruits are prepared when the time comes to go into battle. He is a key member of the Green Lantern Corps and is the drill instructor for all rookies.

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When it comes to controlling the power ring, Kilowog stands above almost every other member of the Green Lantern Corps in the mastery of the tool, greater than anyone alive outside of possibly Sinestro. Kilowog also possesses an indomitable will greater than almost any other member as he was able to resist even the Guardians when they tried to overstep their bounds.


Guy Gardner was a polarizing member of the Green Lantern Corps when he roared onto the scene. Unlike Hal Jordan, who was a true hero, and John Stewart, who was a military mastermind, Guy Gardner was a loose cannon. He was truly a product of his era, an antihero who was anti-authority working for a military unit that demanded obedience.

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Guy Gardner is also very powerful, as he has not only mastered the use of the green power ring but also the yellow ring that used to belong to Sinestro. He also led the Red Lantern Corps and mastered their ring as well, proving that he could do almost anything.


Green Lantern Kyle Rayner

Kyle Rayner is many fans' favorite Green Lantern. While Hal Jordan is the stoic, brave, and heroic Lantern and John Stewart is the tactical and military mastermind, Kyle Rayner is the most human of the key Earth-bound Lanterns. He is also one of the most powerful because his key strength is his imagination.

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Stewart can create weapons and Jordan can control the ring like a master, but Rayner is an artist and uses his ring to construct forms that not only are powerful in battle but also can be tactically useful as well. For years, he was the only Green Lantern left and carried the load proving that overcoming fear was a great strength than having no fear.


For people of a certain age, John Stewart is who they see as Green Lantern, over both Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner. This is because of the Justice League Unlimited television cartoon, which made him not only Earth's Green Lantern but one of the most important members of the Justice League team.

Stewart has been around since 1971 in the comics and was one of DC's first African American superheroes. He was the main Green Lantern on Earth in the comics in the '80s when Jordan gave up the role and was also the first Guardian of the Universe from Earth for a time. How great is he? John became the leader of the Green Lantern Corps.


Hal Jordan is the greatest Green Lantern to ever live. He was the chosen one on Earth to become the Green Lantern for his sector over Guy Gardner. Even after quitting, turning evil, and dying, he always returned and always gained the right to carry the ring again.

After his possession by Parallax, he became one of the most powerful villains in the entire DC Universe. When he returned, as a hero once again, he became the greatest Green Lantern of them all and was able to battle Orange Lanterns, Red Lanterns, and he even became a White Lantern at one point. He has the willpower that allows him to do anything.

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