Every Luke Cage Episode Title Revealed

For "Luke Cage," executive producer and showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker recruited Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammed of A Tribe Called Quest as music supervisors to bring a cultural relevance to the show. Obviously, music will be a big part of the series -- and if  you need more convincing, look no further than the titles for each episode, which have finally been revealed in a series of posts from Coker's twitter account (via Screenrant).

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Every episode title is from a record performed by the Hip Hop legends Gang Starr, which was an idea that has been a part of Coker's plans since November 2014.


Actor Theo Rossi ("Sons of Anarchy", "Alcatraz"), who plays Shades Alvarez in "Luke Cage", stepped in to share the 8th episode's title:

EIGHT ..... pic.twitter.com/Z6jHGy0OsX

— Cheo Hodari Coker (@cheo_coker) August 12, 2016

Check out the full episode list for "Luke Cage" Season 1 below:

  1. Moment of Truth
  2. Code of the Streets
  3. Who's Gonna Take the Weight?
  4. Step in the Arena
  5. Just to Get a Rep
  6. Suckas Need Bodyguards
  7. Manifest
  8. Blowin' Up the Spot
  9. DWYCK
  10. Take it Personal
  11. Now You're Mine
  12. Soliloquy of Chaos
  13. You Know My Steez

Coker aims to bring authenticity to "Luke Cage" by way of music, beyond the episode titles. As revealed by music supervisor Adrian Younge and a few guests on the first of a series of videos promoting the show, the team is building each episode as if they were thirteen individual albums. There's a discussion in the video about the speed of Hip Hop, and how it meshes with Luke Cage's encounters on the show. The promotional video indicates that there are many powerful musical moments we can look forward on the series, specifically in what looks to be a club run by Diamondback, played by Erik LaRay Harvey.


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You can stream the entire first season of "Luke Cage" in HD and 4KHD exclusively on Netflix starting September 30.

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