Every Juggernaut Look Ever, Ranked

Juggernaut has been around for a long time having debuted all the way back in 1965's The X-Men #12, written by Stan Lee and penciled by Jack Kirby. Since he first stomped onto the scene, the character has gone through quite a lot of changes. Throughout much of the X-Men franchise, Juggernaut has remained one of the team's primary villains, but he hasn't always been a bad guy. In some incarnations, Juggernaut has fought for the forces of good, while others depict the character in an even worse light than he is normally shown in the Earth-616 universe.

Whatever his depiction, there have been more than a few versions and variations of the Juggernaut. From his classic, 1960s look to his more modern depiction in video games and movies, the Juggernaut hasn't been one to remain the same. That's fitting given this is a character who cannot be stopped, but even with a change or two, the core elements of the character often remain the same. He will always sport a giant, domes helmet of some sort, he certainly has a preference for metallic bands around his arms and fist and will almost always be a gigantic guy inside or out of his armor. No matter the depiction, there are plenty of types of Juggernauts to choose from, which is why we threw together a list of his very best costumes and appearances. Don't see your favorite? Sound off in the comments and let us know which is the best in this list of Every Juggernaut Look Ever, Ranked

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J2 MC2
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20 J2

J2 MC2

In the MC2 Marvel Imprint, the Juggernaut of that universe goes by the name Zane Yama-Marko, otherwise known as J2. He is the son of Cain Marko and his powers work a little differently. He can transform into a larger version of himself with all the strength and durability you want to see in a Juggernaut, but had no mystical armor like his pop.

J2 crafted his own armor, which isn't colored red like his father's. It is similar in shape and form to his dad's, but has a breastplate and he also ties his father's flannel shirt around his waste. This Juggernaut look is something of an homage to the original, but it isn't very threatening to behold.



Marvel's What If...? line of comics gave the world reimagined versions of their favorite characters so it should come as a surprise to learn there is a story about Juggernaut. The tale offers a glimpse of what would have happened had Charles Xavier gained the powers of the Juggernaut instead of Cain Marko.

The look of the character is pretty much the same as the classic one shared by Marko, but there are some changes. Xavier gets a physical boost in the process, but there isn't much going on in terms of changes to the original character. He isn't as threatening-looking as Marko, but he is the Juggernaut and thanks to his mental abilities receiving a boost via the Gem of Cyttorak, he is far more powerful than his Earth-616 counterpart.



Fans were excited and disappointed when the Juggernaut made his first appearance on film in X-Men: The Last Stand when it was released in 2006. On the one hand, we finally got to see Juggernaut on film, on the other, he was a weakened version of the character more akin to a comedic performance than anything else.

Granted, Vinnie Jones did a great job with what he was given, but he wan't given much to work with. He was beyond weak in comparison to his comic book (and future film) version of the character, was grey instead of rust-red and offered little more than comic relief in a movie that failed to match the performance of its predecessors.



Not every Juggernaut looks like the Juggernaut. In the Age of Apocalypse event, Cain Marko didn't become an evil supervillain when he absorbed the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak. After his brother is killed, he decided to become a monk. Marko shaved his head, moved to Avalon, a monastery in the Savage Land, and swore to a life of peace and nonviolence.

Only when Avalon came under threat did he decide to take action, but the internal conflict caused an aneurysm to burst, which immediately resulted in his passing. When it comes to his look, it's pretty Spartan. He actually looks meaner with his head shorn, but he retained the muscles and still looks rather intimidating.



Believe it or not, Marko doesn't sport the Juggernaut armor 24/7. Sometimes, he likes to throw off his metal bands and cut loose, but when he does, he retains his rather impressive physique. He transformed into the human juggernaut when he read the inscription on the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, but the armor isn't glued on.

When he isn't wearing it, he is still a gigantic man who is more than capable of fighting against the likes of Colossus or any other heavy-hitter in the Marvel Universe. In some depictions, he looks more akin to a less-green Hulk, which is saying something about his size. He has even been intimate with She-Hulk, which isn't something a normal fellow can reasonably do.



Yes, the Juggerduck is real, and he's pretty awesome to behold. The character was introduced in Thanos #13 and Cosmic Ghost Rider as a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy and he is exactly what he looks like: Howard the Duck became the Juggernaut! He has the size, the shape, and the attitude to be one of the strongest and zaniest characters in the Marvel Universe.

This version of the character looks somewhat out of place in the Marvel Universe and would probably fit in better over in DuckTales, but that doesn't mean it isn't a great look. Juggerduck sports the familiar metal bands, though they are silver and studded. He also has a helmet, which allows his beak to stick out making him the most intimidating-looking duck ever drawn.

14 X-MEN


Believe it or not, there was a time when Juggernaut joined the X-Men. This was something of a contradiction seeing as he was a longtime enemy, but if Emma Frost can do it, so can Cain Marko. Like many in his line of work, he reached a point where it was enough and he wanted to make amends for his villainous ways.

After he lost a large portion of the powers granted to him by the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, he began wavering in his evil ways. Cyttoak's influence was waning so he joined up with the team as a sort of reformation. He even allowed himself to be taken into custody to face his crimes, which is when he met up with She-Hulk who got him off for the crimes he committed!



Juggernaut has been a staple of Marvel animation thanks to the many X-Men and Spider-Man series on television over the years. In most cases, he is portrayed much as he has been in the comics, but there were a few instances where the Juggernaut's look was modified in a number of ways. His look on X-Men: Evolution was different enough to cause some fan backlash.

On first look, he appears pretty much as he does in the comics. His giant helmet makes his face look tiny, but the real problem came from those golden-colored clasps holding his helmet in place. For whatever reason, this small change to his costume angered a lot of fans who insisted he required no silly clasps to keep the thing on.



Back in 1982, Juggernaut stormed onto television sets in an episode of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. While he looked like he did in the comics, the animation style of the day didn't exactly make him look like a human juggernaut, but rather, a bodybuilder with skimpy underwear trying to look scarier than he actually was.

We don't want to nitpick the animation too much seeing as the production had a very limited budget, but the look was a bit too cartoony for our tastes. Yes, this was a cartoon, but animation does not necessitate a style akin to the Smurfs when Spider-Man is swinging about town. The look doesn't really stand the test of time, but it was faithful to the character, which is why it's found here on this list.



The Juggernaut of the Ultimate Universe is significantly more powerful than the one from Earth-616. In this reality, Cain Marko is a mutant who has the natural ability to lift up to 75 tons. When he acquired the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, that power was augmented immensely to make him one of the strongest versions of the character in any Marvel Universe.

This version of the character has a distinct look revolving around the traditional domed helmet. He has a small slit for his eye and a cross-band of silver armor across his chest. He was ultimately taken out via a poison dart shot through the eye-slit in his helmet. Even though it proved a vulnerability, the look is certainly intimidating and formidable.



The version of Juggernaut from X-Men: The Animated Series is one of the most accurate depictions of the character in terms of his look in the comics. He sported the right helmet, the same bands, and a similar costume on his body. He was depicted as a brute, but there were several storylines that dove deep into his backstory and his relationship with Charles Xavier.

He wasn't as strong in the show as he was in the books, but he certainly had the right look in the series. The success of this animated series left this look ingrained within the minds of many fans who grew up through the 1990s. Even people who never read a comic, but watched this series can accurately describe what Juggernaut looks like thanks to his portrayal in the show.



Depictions of Juggernaut in video games have often been poor representations of the character. This was primarily due to the limitations in processing power at the time the games were released. His appearance on games like The Uncanny X-Men on the Nintendo Entertainment System looked more like an angry man in red pajamas than the giant mystical Juggernaut we know and love today.

Those limitations weren't the case for his appearance in X-Men: Legends. This version of the Juggernaut looked like the Juggernaut, but in a more intense way than he has appeared in the books. He looked darker, grittier and deadlier than he typically looked in the pages of X-Men books. His helmet was able to be knocked off at times, which was the only way to defeat him, but for the most part, this was a classic Juggernaut.



When Captain Universe comes to take out the Juggernaut, he does so at a time when New York City is being threatened by the very Earth itself! The tectonic plates under the city were damaged and required fixing, but Captain Universe's desire to destroy Juggernaut was so great, he decided the plates could wait as he preferred to fulfill his original mission instead of saving the city first.

When this occurs, the Uni-Power abandons him and passes right into the Juggernaut. The newly-empowered Captain Universe Juggernaut's look differed somewhat from his traditional appearance. He went through a color-shift and acquired the power needed to repair the tectonic plates. When he finished, the power left him forever, but he had a rather interesting look for a little bit.



Juggernaut's appearance in the Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions video game was significantly altered from his traditional comic book appearance. While he still had his helmet, it was held on by a strong series of clasps, which looked to be held on via some straps and pads. He maintained some aspects of his comic book costume, but there were a few changes throughout.

This look was far more rugged than the Juggernaut fans had gotten used to over the years, but that doesn't make it bad. It clearly honored the original look, but put a spin on it that worked well for the game. The fight between Juggernaut and Spider-Man took place mostly in a construction yard, which seemed like a natural setting for this version of the Juggernaut.



Most animated depictions of the Juggernaut failed to capture his violent nature, but that wasn't the case for Ultimate Spider-Man. This series depicted Juggernaut in a way that adhered to his natural brutality while maintaining the concept of a children's show and it worked. His look was somewhat altered from the original comic book version, but still in keeping with what makes the Juggernaut the Juggernaut.

His coloring was enhanced into a more crimson red than the typical rust-colored red he normally sports. He also maintained the helmet and bands, but shows far less skin than in previous versions of the character (we're looking at you, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends). Overall, this was one of the best-animated versions of the character.


Cain MArko Juggernaut

You can't rank a list of Juggernaut looks without going over the classic look he is famous for in the comics. While that look has refined over the years from the original drawings of Jack Kirby, he still retains the same distinct elements of his original depiction. In many cases, the character is drawn bigger and stronger, but still holds to the same costume he originally had.

Classic Juggernaut was a big, hulking character whose iconic helmet became his defining trait. He also has bands of armor around his biceps, forearms, wrist, and fist. In most depictions, he also has armored boots and a skin-tight covering over his entire body save for the arms. This is the look most people think of when picturing the Juggernaut.


Trion Juggernaut

Trion Juggernaut is the version of the character who has been given the entire range of powers of the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak. Under normal conditions, only a fraction of the mystical energy is transferred, but during the "Trion Saga," the full amount went into the Juggernaut. This version of the character has powers equivalent to a god, but the look remained surprisingly similar.

While he may have retained the same costume, this Juggernaut is much bigger. Thanks to the powers he acquired, he can alter his size to unimaginable limits. His powers allowed him to do pretty much anything so he could have altered his physical appearance, but didn't do so. Even when he was blasted into little more than a skeleton in a helmet, he kept going and ultimately remained the Juggernaut we all know and... love?


Juggernaut Deadpool 2

The surprise inclusion of the Juggernaut in Deadpool 2 gave us a unique take on the character that still somehow looked just like we expected a movie version of him to look like. While it wasn't apparent, he was being played by Ryan Reynolds, but he didn't look anything like him thanks to modern motion capture technology.

He wore a prison jumpsuit instead of his traditional red costume, but the biggest change was the helmet. It was silver in color and looked like he made it in shop class in high school. The metal was patched together into a single piece, which stood on a collar/frame. He was huge and able to rip Wade in half so this was clearly the Juggernaut, but he was also a mutant and presented somewhat differently than he normally is in the books.


Colossus Juggernaut

If you've ever wondered what it would look like for Colossus to take on the powers of the Juggernaut, you won't be disappointed to learn that's exactly what happened in the books. This happened after Magik made a deal with Cyttorak to stop Kuurth on his destructive path. When that happened, the powers were transferred to Colossus who quickly became one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe.

The powers didn't remain with him forever, but while they were there, he became a colossal version of himself. This was essentially Colossus on steroids. He wore the Juggernaut armor and helmet, but his naturally large size grew to huge proportions. He retained his metallic physique under the armor and looked rather impressive.



After picking up the Hammer of Kuurth, the Juggernaut becomes possessed with his powers. He is then transformed into Kuurth: Breaker of Stone and becomes far more powerful than he ever was before. This all went down during the "Fear Itself" storyline and it wasn't looking good for the heroes of Earth. To stop him, Colossus gets the powers of the Juggernut from Cyttorak as he was the only one who could challenge him.

The look of Kuurth integrated many aspects of the Juggernaut's normal appearance. He retained a version of his helmet and coloring, but is endowed with a mystical energy that glowed like electricity all over his body. While this look was vastly different than most of his costumes, it was one of the most devastating to behold and the fans loved it.

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