Every Disney Movie Arriving in Theaters in 2019

This past year has been particularly profitable one for the Walt Disney Company's cinematic offerings, with 2018 already being the second-highest earning year in the entire history of the studio and the second year that Disney has crossed the $7 billion mark at the global box office, largely aided by blockbusters including Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War and Incredibles 2, which each earned over $1 billion worldwide. In the same vein, Infinity War became the first summer blockbuster to earn over $2 billion at the global box office.

Now, 2019 is poised to potentially become an even bigger one for the studio, with the main studio, Walt Disney Pictures, releasing not one, but three, live-action remakes of their classic animated films. Pixar will also release the eagerly anticipated fourth installment of its universally acclaimed Toy Story franchise. Marvel Studios will release two films, including the direct sequel to Infinity War. Lucasfilm will unleash the ninth main installment in the Star Wars franchise, while Disney Animation is debuting Frozen 2, the sequel to the highest-earning animated film of all time. Below is a list of each of the major films being released by Disney in 2019, including release dates and what we know so far regarding each:

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Captain Marvel (March 8)

Captain Marvel Movie Poster

The latest Marvel Cinematic Universe epic, Captain Marvel, takes place sometime in the early-to-mid '90s, with its eponymous superhero protecting her home planet of Earth while learning about her own apparent extraterrestrial heritage as she regains her memories.

First teased in the post-credits scene to Infinity War, the MCU film stars Brie Larson as the spacefaring peacekeeper and features Samuel L. Jackson and Clark Gregg reprising their roles as Nick Fury and Phil Coulson, respectively, digitally de-aged to reflect the film taking place decades in the past. With Larson confirmed to reprise her role as Carol Danvers in the Infinity War sequel, the film is guaranteed to set up the character's return to the MCU in a big way as the surviving Avengers regroup after Thanos' initial victory.

Dumbo (March 29)


The first of three live-action remakes to be theatrically released in 2019, Dumbo retells the story of the titular flying elephant from the classic 1941 Disney animated film of the same name. Reuniting director Tim Burton with cast members Michael Keaton, Eva Green and Danny DeVito, the reimagined film follows Holt, a single father and war veteran portrayed by Colin Farrell, tasked with caring for the circus elephant, eventually learning he can use his oversized ears to fly. As businessmen seek to exploit Dumbo's abilities, Holt discovers the circus contains other dark secrets.

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It was Tim Burton who kicked off Disney's strategy to produce live-action remakes of their animated films with 2010's Alice in Wonderland, with the studio hoping the filmmaker can continue their success in reinvigorating their animated catalogue. With the trailers teasing a darker and more emotional take on the classic story, Dumbo promises to be more than a shot-for-shot recreation of the 1941 original film.

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