How Event Leviathan Will Affect DC’s Heroes Going Forward

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Event Leviathan #6, by Brian Michael Bendis, Alex Maleev and Josh Reed, now on sale.

For the past several months, the greatest detectives of the DC Universe have been locked in a guessing game: who is Leviathan, the villain who took the place of Talia Al Ghul and took out all major intelligence organizations, from the D.E.O. to A.R.G.U.S., in one fell swoop.

Throughout the event, the heroes suspected (and confronted) Jason Todd, Talia Al Ghul, Kate Spencer and even Lois Lane. However, with Event Leviathan #6, the villain under the mask was revealed to be Mark Shaw, a former Manhunter, and in an interview with CBR, writer Brian Michael Bendis explained that we'll see the fallout the revelation has for the heroes who were suspects themselves.

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"Yeah, any character that was touched by this story, there's going to be fallout from," Bendis explained. "This mystery is solved but, past the mystery, a lot has happened. They were semi-successful in their quest that Leviathan has arrived and is now a power in the DC Universe and that comes with a major shift in how everyone's doing business; so that's number one. Everyone also has to deal with the fact that Leviathan set some of them up, like, why does the Red Hood get set up for shit like this? And that does eat at the character but also lets the character know 'You have a job here. You have to take care of Leviathan because they are coming after you and they've made that very clear and they're doing the opposite of what you want in the world.'"

"As far as Jason goes, I will say I did the most research of all the characters on Jason because I wanted the red herring to be honest and, at the same time, respectful to the character and have the character walk away as almost one of the big heroes of the story," he continued. "If you really look at it, he kind of walks away the most unscathed and it certainly points Jason in the direction of what he has to do next."

Bendis also revealed the ending, which sets up plenty of new stories, stayed the same from his original pitch. "...[T]he ending really stayed the same which made me really happy because it meant the truth in the piece was always what it was meant to be. This always felt like we had a really strong end and also we knew how much story we're going to unveil by the end of this story. Lois is going to literally make a list of things to do after this story is resolved; as she says, for a journalist, it's like Christmas. She has like eight major headlines to chase, all of which are important to the DC Universe."

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Event Leviathan #6, by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev, is now on sale from DC.

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