Event Leviathan #6 Is Solid, But Will Leave Readers Wanting More

Story by
Art by
Alex Maleev
Colors by
Alex Maleev
Letters by
Josh Reed
Cover by
DC Comics

It's tricky for some event series to stick the landing. Success is often predicated upon how much their stories impact the larger world in which they take place. Usually, when they unfold in a vacuum, creators have a better opportunity to craft unique stories with familiar characters. However, when they spearhead a major change across a publisher's offerings, they can get a bit messy.

Thankfully, DC Comics has a pretty good track record with making prestige miniseries work to their advantage, even if they do possess Earth-shattering revelations. Event Leviathan #6 sees the end to what was touted as the biggest mystery in the DC Universe, but it opens up more cases than it closes.

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Event Leviathan is a miniseries that has been deceptively busy. In the finale, there is a prolonged scene in which Lois Lane is writing an article revealing information about the Leviathan, but each detail warrants its own story.  This scene really encapsulates the excitement and frustration of the last six issues.

Much like the chapters before it, Event Leviathan #6 is packed with sharp dialogue by Brian Michael Bendis (Action Comics) and stellar art from Alex Maleev (Daredevil), but how far each issue moved the ball across the field was often minuscule. This miniseries has been a game of inches in terms of getting to the point of the central mystery,  but the fallout behind it is nothing short of catastrophic. People have died. Dirty secrets are out in the open. And now, the question of "What is a Manhunter?" is on the lips of everyone.'

It's always wonderful to see Bendis writing mysteries. He has a great knack for making the process of examining clues and analyzing data exciting. When Batman and Lois Lane bounce theories off each other only to have a third detective interject with some new bit of evidence, Event Leviathan was endlessly compelling. The only problem is by the time Event Leviathan #6 spills the beans, it doesn't have much else to add. It's a symptom of a comic revealing its hand a bit too early.

This finale acts as something of a confirmation for readers that doesn't serve a larger purpose other than dovetailing into a new story arc in Action Comics. The fact this series operated on its own made books tied to it (like Action Comics) feel like extracurricular studies more than isolated narratives. Of course, we aren't here to pass judgment on other books, but it's hard not to look at the broader effects Event Leviathan has had across the DC Comics Universe, even if they are superficial.

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From an art standpoint, Event Leviathan #6 is gorgeous. Alex Maleev has done a wonderful job at capturing the appropriate tone of each scene. The big splashy action scenes are eye-catching and vibrant. Meanwhile the quieter moments where heroes are discussing the case in hushed tones (or sign language) are often shrouded in shadows and framed very tightly to give the reader a feeling of desperation or claustrophobia, as if everyone knows whatever is happening is omnipresent and there may not be a way to escape it. Leviathan is a specter, and Maleev captures that feeling perfectly.

Event Leviathan #6 is a well-written and gorgeously illustrated finale, but it doesn't do much to offer any sort of closure. As one case closes, a dozen more open up, which can be frustrating for readers who are looking for something more. It's hard to image anyone picking up this in a collection, reading it, and not saying, "Okay, so what's next?" Of course in the world of comic books, "what's next?" is the question so many will begrudgingly ask, even though it's a question that will live on in perpetuity.

Event Leviathan #6 is in stores now.

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