Event Leviathan: Brian Michael Bendis Unveils New Alex Maleev Cover

In a week crowded with comic book announcements, writer Brian Michael Bendis managed to get one more in before the weekend. He debuted Alex Maleev's cover to Event Leviathan #4, which finds Superman tearing metal apart with his bare hands.

"Here is an exclusive look at the cover to Event leviathan issue four by the Eisner award winning super darling Alex Maleev," Bendis wrote on Instagram. "Superman is back! Thank you for making Event Leviathan issue one number one on Comixology."

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Maleev's cover balances two tones: the brilliant red of Superman's cape and the cool blue of the action below. In what appears to be a blind rage, the Man of Steel pulls a metal construct apart with his bare hands. The force of his actions blows his cape back. The cape itself appears to form the Leviathan mask, which gazes directly at the viewer.

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The first issue of Event Leviathan released earlier this week. In it, the "dangerous and aggressive" group Leviathan disbanded intelligence agencies all across the DC Universe. Now, it aims to shape the world in its own image. This doesn't sit well with Superman, or so it would seem in Maleev's cover.

Event Leviathan #2 goes on sale July 10.

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