Evans, Downey & Paltrow Visit Young Marvel Fan Battling Cancer

While "Captain America: Civil War" may have put Steve Rogers and Tony Stark on opposing sides of the Sokovia Accords, in real life Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. remain very close friends. Also good friends with these superhero actors is Gwyneth Paltrow. While Paltrow's Marvel character Pepper Potts may not have been in "Civil War," you can be sure that if she was, she would have reconciled Steve and Tony faster than Loki can say, "You have a Hulk."

Today Paltrow brought both Evans and Downey Jr. together for a real-life superhero mission, meeting a very special fan named Ryan Wilcox. Wilcox's high school and friends have been rallying for him to meet Evans on social media for months using the hashtag #RyanStrong as he is huge Captain America fan. When Paltrow found out about Wilcox's illness (Secondary Myelodysplastic Syndrome) she arranged for Evans, Downey Jr., and herself to be flown to San Diego to meet Wilcox and his family.

Paltrow documented their trip on Instagram, and Evans shared his thoughts on Twitter. More photos can also be seen on Instagram under the #RyanStrong hashtag.

Hey @robertdowneyjr and #chrisevans, want to take a road trip? I will drive you guys down. #Repost @hizrarejwl with @repostapp. ・・・ This is Ryan Wilcox, he's an 18 year old guy from San Diego battling cancer and he absolutely LOVES Captain America and the Avengers and what we want for Ryan if possible is to meet the actors and actresses of the Avengers, especially Chris Evans who plays Captain America. He isnt doing too well and this would be a major way to boost his spirits and quite frankly be the best moment of his life if he literally got to meet his hero! Please share this to help get the attention of Chris, Robert, Scarlett, and the rest of the Avengers cast and try to make his dream come true! ‪#chrisevans #avengers #makeawish

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Let's do this #ryanstrong @robertdowneyjr #chrisevans

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Today @ryanwilcox0303 got a little surprise. Thank you to the incredible #chrisevans and my better work half @robertdowneyjr for being the men you both are. And thank you to the Wilcox family for your hospitality! #ryanstrong

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Today I got to shake the hand of a true warrior named Ryan Wilcox. He's cooler than I could ever hope to be. Thanks for the hospitality Wilc

- Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) May 23, 2016

ox family! And a big hug and kiss to two of my favs @RobertDowneyJr and @GwynethPaltrow for making it happen!

- Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) May 23, 2016

"Captain America: Civil War" is currently in theaters.

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