Evanier & Meugniot's 'DNAgents' return from About Comics

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Surge, Amber, Tank, Sham, and Rainbow, the five lab-manufactured teenage superheroes, return to the comics shelves this June when About Comics releases DNAgents Volume 1, the first in a series of trade paperbacks reprinting the independent 1980s superhero series.

Created by Mark Evanier and Will Meugniot, and featuring inking by Al Gordon, the DNAgents are a group of super-powered synthetic humans, manufactured and owned by Matrix Incorporated. They are given the powers of gods, the bodies and knowledge of teenagers, and the experience and wisdom of newborn babes. There's Surge, the handsome group leader with electrical powers; Sham, who can make himself look like anybody but feels like a nobody; Amber, the spunky lass who flies magnetically; Tank, inhumanly broad and strong and quite humanly attractive to women; and last but not least Rainbow, the sexy siren with a psychic brain beneath her multi-colored hair.

"This is a great time for this," Evanier explains. "When Will and I started this book, we had to explain to people about DNA and genetic engineering. Now that they're cloning sheep and monkeys and Olsen twins, our little narrative looks like it's right around the corner."

"The DNAgents is filled with strong traditional superhero action and classic teen hero themes," says Nat Gertler, publisher of About Comics. "They have struggles of conscience, as they're faced with orders from their creator that conflict with their own evolving morality." When asked why the DNAgents, why now, Gertler replied that "the real question is why not before now? The DNAgents were quite popular when originally released, selling better than many of today's popular books. Of course, with the ongoing popularity of X-Men and the resurgence of the Teen Titans, it's a great time for teenage heroes."

This is the first time DNAgents has been put in trade paperback. It's being issued in the About Comics Reader format, a compact black and white format that is both convenient and affordable. Volume 1 has all the stories from the first six issues, over 160 pages of comics fun sandwiched in-between a new cover by Meugniot and an afterword by Evanier, for a mere $9.95. Further volumes are planned twice a year, and a brief introductory DNAgents story appears in Wild About Comics, the About Comics offering for 2004's Free Comic Book Day.

And for those who were fans back in the day, the next question is obvious. And here's the answer: volume 1 of Evanier and Spiegle's Crossfire, the other series in the DNAgents universe, ships in September.

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