Evangelicals weigh in on Superman's underpants

There are a lot of places where I'd expect commentary about Superman's costume changes for the New 52 and the Man of Steel movie. A blog for evangelical Christian leadership wasn't one of them.

What I love about it is that it's not a moralistic rail against pop culture a la the Jeff Lamb/Action Comics kerfuffle, but a fannish lament much like the ones we've seen on most comics and movie blogs. Pastor and author Skye Jethani calls it a "blasphemy against my childhood hero," but the tone of his article is actually pretty thoughtful and balanced. In the end he decides to judge Man of Steel on its storytelling rather than Superman's Underoos.

He also, appropriately for his blog, pulls some leadership lessons from the missing trunks: the power of symbolism, generational differences, compromise, and how much influence leaders (religious, political, or Warner Bros.) actually have. The piece is a fascinating and unexpectedly comfortable blending of religion and pop culture.

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