Evan Dorkin mulls return to 'Eltingville'

Some say you can never go home again, but that isn't true if your home is Eltingville.

Cartoonist Evan Dorkin of Milk & Cheese and Beasts of Burden fame has been musing on Twitter about doing more work in his on-again, off-again Welcome to Eltingville comic strip. Last seen in a 2012 issue of Dark Horse Presents, the series profiles four hardcore comics fans in their social lives in and around their comic store -- based on the real Jim Hanley's Universe chain. Dorkin created Welcome to Eltingville for  in the early 1990s anthology series he produced titled Instant Piano, and the series was even adapted as a very short-lived (one episode) series for Cartoon Network. The series was produced shortly after Dorkin began work there on Space Ghost Coast to Coast and later Superman.

"Of late my thoughts turn to Eltingville," Dorkin began Sept. 6 on Twitter. "For Eltingville to live...Eltingville must die. For Eltingville to die... Eltingville must live. Everyone roll D20 to make a saving throw against Eltingville."

As you might expect, the brief mentions of Dorkin doing new Welcome to Eltingville caused his fans to begin talking it up. Late Tuesday, Dorkin had a firm answer -- or answers: "For those asking about Eltingville, the answer is 'Yes.' Also, 'No.; As well as, 'No, no, no Kickstarter, no.' Thank you. Stay Tuned."

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