Eva Green, Josh Hartnett Debut In 'Penny Dreadful' Photo

The world of Showtime's Penny Dreadful is a strange and mysterious one. The new series created by Skyfall screenwriter John Logan and director Sam Mendes takes several Victorian-era novels like Dracula and Frankenstein and mixes them together with new, original characters in a twisted drama. Entertainment Weekly has debuted a photo of two of the show's original characters, Ethan (Josh Hartnett) and Vanessa Ives (Eva Green).

"I thought there was incredible excitement to slamming all those myths together so that’s what we’re embracing in Penny Dreadful," Logan told EW. "It’s highly erotic, very bloody. It’s about building a family. Admittedly, the creepiest family you can imagine."

Logan went on to say that he wants the series to be disturbing. "It’s not enough to scare people because that’s a cheaper sensation," Logan said. "But to unsettle and disturb people on a deeper level because they feel familiarity with monstrous characters is really our goal."

Meanwhile, Showtime has posted two new clips on the Penny Dreadful YouTube channel that back up the creator's mission statement of disturbance. The first is a 30 second teaser that mentions the series' connection between science and the supernatural while also revealing some bloody, empty chains that once held something not quite human. The second features a glimpse at behind the scenes, pre-production steps that went into actually making the series.

Penny Dreadful, which also stars Timothy Dalton, Billie Piper and Reeve Carney, debuts on Showtime this spring.

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