EXCLUSIVE: Ether's Remaining Seven Lucky Gods Confront Boone Dias

Dark Horse Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive preview of writer Matt Kindt and artist David Rubin's Ether: The Disappearance of Violet Bell #3, which shows the six of the remaining Seven Lucky Gods confronting protagonists Boone Dias and Glum at a moment when the former seems to be at his lowest point yet.

You can see CBR's exclusive preview of Ether: The Disappearance of Violet Bell #3 below along with the solicitation for the issue and Rubin's cover.

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  • Written by Matt Kindt
  • Illustrated by David Rubin
  • Cover by David Rubin
  • In his search for the kidnapped faerie Violet Belle and a powerful assassin, interdimensional detective Boone Dias runs afoul of the Seven Lucky Gods--but he finds he must rely on the sinister deities to catch his quarry.

Ether launched in 2016 from Dark Horse Comics. The series follows scientist, adventurer and interdimensional traveller Boone Dias as he investigates crimes in the magical world of Ether. The Disappearance of Violet Bell is the most recent installment in the series.

Ether: The Disappearance of Violet Bell #3 goes on sale Nov. 27 for $3.99.

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