Ethan Hawke Develops An <i>Exit Strategy</i>

Is Ethan Hawke the new Jack Bauer? That's what Fox is hoping, as the network is reportedly teaming up with the Oscar-nominated actor to develop a new drama series along the lines of 24.

Deadline reports that Hawke is producing and starring in Exit Strategy, a new television project from Fox written by David Guggenheim. Hawke would star as the leader of a team of five professional extractors associated with the CIA. When operations go south, Hawke and his crew are tasked with extracting all surviving parties from the situation. Hawke's character is described as "the architect of exit strategy" and someone who "empathizes with the people they extract and would rather die than let them get hurt."

According to Deadline, Fox is viewing Exit Strategy as a potential successor to 24, as both series feature notable counter-terrorism experts engaging terrorists in real-time scenarios. Unlike 24, however, it doesn't seem likely that entire seasons of Exit Strategy would take place over a single day; instead, the new Fox series "would tackle a different crisis in a different country" in each episode.

Exit Strategy marks Hawke's first major television acting commitment, though he did appear as a possible double agent in a season two episode of Alias.

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