Ethan Hawke Clarifies Remark About Logan Being a 'Fine Superhero Movie'


Despite their popularity at the box office, there's no denying there's a stigma of sorts surrounding superhero films when it comes to Hollywood. Some actors -- and even directors -- consider superhero films a detriment to cinema. In the case of actor Ethan Hawke, the genre fails to live up to the standard set by European cinema. However, that doesn't necessarily mean he's against the genre. Quite the opposite, in fact.

In an interview with Collider, Hawke clarified his "controversial" remarks from August concerning Logan, in which he called it a "fine superhero movie," but not a great film. Now, he has revealed that, despite his comments about Logan, he's actually a huge comic book geek, though he feels it's important to make all types of movies.

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When the interviewer mentioned to Hawke that his comments "on Logan caused a film Twitter war," Hawke confirmed he was aware of the fan frenzy. However, he didn't necessarily see it as a bad thing. "You know, one of the things that's cool about that is because for a long time -- I've thought about this for a little bit -- for a long time, comic books and people who cared about comic books were ghettoized," he said. "And it was made to feel small. And now, they run the table. And there's been this giant switch in my lifetime. I mean, I'm a comic book geek... I've seen all those... the idea that I'm the one criticizing them is a joke."

He went on to explain that his original comments on Logan were meant to hit on a "much more nuanced point about money and America and what our obsession with the accumulation of wealth is." For the actor, while he can appreciate the genre, he feels as though "we need a community that's making all kinds of movies."

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While she didn't possibly phrase it as well as Hawke, actor Jodie Foster previously spoke against against the genre, indicting that she feels as though superhero blockbusters are reportedly ruining moviegoing. She also claimed that Hollywood appears to care more about making "bad content" in order to appeal to the masses and rake in money.

Logan, which was written and directed by James Mangold, stars Hugh Jackman as Logan, Patrick Stewart as Charles, Dafne Keen as Laura, Boyd Holbrook as Pierce and Stephen Merchant as Caliban.

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