Ethan "Chumble Spuzz" Nicolle to sign at SLG booth in San Diego

Official Press Release

Ethan Nicolle, creator of the critically acclaimed Chumble Spuzz, will be one of the many talented creators signing at the SLG Publishing booth at the San Diego Comic-Con. Featured in Wizard Magazine's Indie Watch 2008, Chumble Spuzz continues to gain buzz for its first volume, Kill the Devil. Now, SLG Publishing is proud to announce that volume two, Pigeon Man and Death Sings the Blues, is off to the presses and will be available just in time for the San Diego Comic-Con. Nicolle will be available at the SLG booth to sign copies of both volumes of Chumble Spuzz. "I love Comic-Con. It's something I look forward to every year," says Nicolle, "last year I at Comic-Con I handed out promotional stuff for Chumble Spuzz. This will be my first year selling the actual bookâ€"along with volumeâ€"and possibly meeting people who have read the book already." Nicolle will be signing at the SLG Publishing Booth (#1815) all four days of Comic-Con from 11:00AM-12:30PM and 2:00PM-3:30PM

In the second volume of Chumble Spuzz, join Gunther and Klem in their next set of adventures as they deal with...The Pigeon Man? Who is this feral gentleman and what does he have to do with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? Why doesn't anybody stop Klem's obsession with adopting demented pets? Will Gunther teach his new robot the true meaning of love? You'll have to check out the second volume of Chumble Spuzz, Pigeon Man and Death Sings the Blues to find out all these answers (and some you weren't even expecting!) But wait! There's more! The second part of this collection features everybody's favorite drinking buddy, Death as Gunther and Klem somehow find themselves responsible for cheering the guy up. It seems that after all these years of pain and suffering, Death has developed an acute sense of guilt and decides to call it quits. It's up to our favorite pair of anthropomorphically ambiguous heroes to bring him back from the light and make him see the dark side again!

Chumble Spuzz Volume Two: Pigeon Man and Death Sings the Blues (ISBN 978-1-59362-130-8) will be available this July, arriving with a generous 144 pages and retailing at $12.95. A free 26 page preview is available at MySpace Comic Books (http://www.myspace.com/comicbooks). The first volume, Kill the Devil is out now and is available in bookstores, comic stores, and at SLG Publishing's website, www.slgcomic.com

SLG Publishing is a San Jose, CA based publisher of comic books, graphic novels and related merchandise. Established in 1986 some of SLG's more notable comics and creators have included Johnny the Homicidal Maniac by Jhonen Vasquez, Lenore by Roman Dirge, Milk & Cheese by Evan Dorkin and Zombies Calling by Faith Erin Hicks.

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