Who is Ikaris? 10 Things To Know About The Eternals Leading Man

This summer's MCU Phase 4 announcement showcased a lot of very interesting projects on the horizon for the Marvel films. Along with the return of favorite characters like Doctor Strange and Thor, we will see plenty of new characters. One of the most interesting upcoming films is Eternals.

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A somewhat obscure name in the Marvel Universe, the Eternals are a race of cosmic beings created by the Celestials. While they are likely unknown to many fans, the most famous among them is Ikaris. With Richard Madden taking the role in the film, Ikaris could be one of the next big heroes in the MCU. Here's everything you need to know about Eternals' leading man.

10 Powers And Abilities

The Eternals are all pretty epically powered individuals, but Ikaris stands even above them with what he is able to do. He is filled with cosmic energy that makes him not only a nearly unstoppable force to fight against, but it means he is pretty much immortal.

Though he can rarely be injured, any potential injury can be immediately healed by his own will. He also never tired or loses stamina in battle. He has the power of flight thanks to his ability to levitate himself. He is also able to levitate people and objects around him.

9 Father Of Icarus

Ikaris of the Eternals

You'll likely know the name Icarus from the Greek myth about the man who flew too close to the sun with wings made of feather and wax. Marvel's version of Ikaris has a connection to that story, but with an even more tragic twist.

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Ikaris is actually the father of Icarus and he helped build his son wings so they could fly together. While his father was away traveling the galaxy, Icarus attempted to fly high to find him. His wings were destroyed and Icarus fell to his death. Ikaris took his son's name as a tribute.

8 Professional Wrestler

Though Ikaris has spent much of his long life among his fellow Eternals, he also takes a special interest in the human way of life. This leads him to attempt to join the humans and live a normal life. However, Ikaris' idea of a normal life is pretty interesting.

Adopting the appropriately cheesy fake name of Ike Harris, Ikaris decides to become a professional wrestler called Iceberg. Perhaps he was following in the footsteps of his fellow Marvel hero, Spider-Man and his early wrestling ambitions.

7 Defeated Apocalypse

Being that he is one of the most ancient Marvel heroes around, Ikaris has gone up against some of the most powerful villains throughout Marvel history. One of the most ancient evil-doers is Apocalypse who Ikaris has faced off with many times.

Though Apocalypse is primarily known as an X-Men villain, he has been around for a very long time, before the mutant heroes. Ikaris proved to be one of the few heroes able to defeat the powerful villain. Now that Apocalypse is available for the MCU to use, it's possible he could appear in Eternals.

6 Memory Loss

The Eternals Jack Kirby Ikaris

Though the Eternals have been around since the early beginnings of the Marvel Universe, they have often remained in the shadows. In the 2006 Eternals miniseries, their low profile can somewhat be explained by memory loss.

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Ikaris and the other Eternals have their minds manipulated by their fellow Eternal, Sprite. Forgetting their true identities, they are unaware they are superheroes. Ikaris is the first among them to regain his memory and sets out to find the others.

5 Waking Ajak

Though Ikaris is one of the most powerful and prominent Eternals, the title of best Eternals warrior belongs to Ajak. A legendary member of their race, Ajak acted as the liaison between the Celestials and Earth. When the Celestials left Earth, Ajak put himself into a deep sleep in the center of the Earth.

When the Celestials finally return to Earth, Ikaris is the one tasked with awakening Ajak. With Salma Hayek playing the role of Ajak, the character seems to have been changed quite a bit. However, the character does still seem to be a leader among the Eternals.

4 Team-Ups

Eternals introduce an entirely new team in the MCU filled with tons of interesting new characters. Though the Eternals existed long before the Avengers were even an idea, their long lifespans mean they can also live in the present day.

It remains to be seen if the Eternals will team-up with any of the Marvel heroes in future films. However, Ikaris is no strange to such partnerships in the comics, including Thor, the Avengers, and the West-Coast Avengers to name just a few.

3 The Eternals' Ways

Something that makes Ikaris one of the more interesting members of the Eternals is the fact that he is something of a rebel among their group. He is devoted to his race of people and will fight to protect them, but he also feels a kinship to humans.

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Ikaris is one of the main Eternals who believes they should act as guardians for Earth and reveal themselves to the people. This could be the main storyline in the film which could eventually lead to the Eternals becoming known within the MCU.

2 Dislike Of Thena

Another interesting aspect of Ikaris' comic book background is his relationship with Thena. After the death of Thena's father, Zuras, Thena takes his title of Prime Eternal (the leader of the Eternals).

Ikaris does not believe Thena is capable of leading which pits the two against each other numerous times. Angelina Jolie plays Thena in the film, so it will be interesting to see if this storyline plays out in the film as well.

1 Prime Eternal

Because of his lack of trust in Thena as Prime Eternal, Ikaris challenges her to combat over the right to rule. In the end, Ikaris triumphs and is named Prime Eternal, cementing his status as the main Eternal character in the Marvel universe.

Since there hasn't been a villain announced for Eternals, it's very possible this struggle could be the main conflict of the film. However, given how little people know about the Eternals, it's possible the film will change up the story and Ikaris will be the villain.

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