"Eternals" Expands To Seven & Nick Lowe Explains

Eagle eyed readers -- and CBR has a lot of them! -- may have noticed that the most recent Marvel Solicitations revealed that Neil Gaiman's Eternals mini-series has spawn an offspring: issue #7. Originally solicited as a six-issue limited series, fans were surprised to see another issue of this new take on old Jack Kirby creations. CBR News caught up with Eternals Editor Nick Lowe to find out what this all means for the mini-series.

There was too much story to fit into the structure we set for ourselves, Lowe explained to CBR News. Neil was starting issue five and told me that he might need a seventh issue. He just had too much story to fit in six issues (even with the first and sixth double-sized).

The expansion of Eternals became a certainty, according to Lowe, after Gaiman started the sixth issue. For those fans worried about the overall story being affected, in specific plot points or overall quality, Lowe said there's no reason to worry. The very end has been solid since the beginning. Certain things have changed (in fact, a pretty major event was only finalized two weeks ago -- something that will not only impact the Eternals, moving forward, but the landscape of the whole Marvel Universe.)

An extra issue means more work for legendary artist John Romita Jr. and Lowe joked that the Eternals artist didn't take the news so well. He put out a contract on my life, laughed the editor. But then he reconsidered because he loves the series and loves working with Neil.

John Romita Jr. is not only considered one of the best artists in the business, but he's also one of the fastest, making him high in demand at Marvel. He's also scheduled to illustrate next Summer's World War Hulk event and Lowe said it won't be affected by super-sizing Eternals. This won't effect the scheduling of 'World War Hulk,' said Lowe. They're planning that event very carefully and they have taken this added issue into consideration.

While the creators on Eternals certainly couldn't be more high profile than Neil Gaiman and John Romita Jr., in many ways the limited series has been overshadowed by Marvel's Civil War mega-event. There's some concern that sales may not have been what Marvel wanted, but Lowe dashed such pessimism. Sales projections aren't really part of my job, but everything I've heard is an overwhelming happiness with the sales, he explained. People up here are really digging the series and are quite excited about how the Eternals are going to fit into the Marvel U.

As for the rest of the details about Eternals, Lowe shared, It's going to be a normal-sized issue.  Well, normal for 'Eternals' (which means it will be more than the usual 22 pages you get in other comics).  The price will remain the same, as well.

Staff writer Arune Singh contributed to this story.

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