<i>Escape From New York</i> Remake Could Get the Trilogy Treatment

Forget about New York, Snake Plissken just wants to get out of Hollywood meeting rooms and back to the big screen.

An Escape from New York remake has been talked about for several years, but beyond talk in 2010 by director Breck Eisner (The Crazies) about casting Timothy Olyphant and Jeremy Renner to fill Kurt Russell's books, not much has been mentioned about the project.

According to Entertainment Weekly, however, the film might be back in action. Studio Canal and Joel Silver's Silver Pictures announced Monday that they not only intend to remake the classic film in the vein of Rise of the Planet of the Apes, but also turn it into a trilogy. The first installment will follow the original movie, taking place in a future where the island of Manhattan has been turned into a prison colony.

John Carpenter wrote and directed the 1981 original as well as its tongue-in-cheek sequel Escape from L.A. If this movie does finally get made, it will join Halloween, The Fog and Assault on Precinct 13 in the growing subgenre of Carpenter remakes.

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