Eriko Tamura talks "Heroes" Return

In the second season of "Heroes," the time bending Hiro Nakamura found himself flung back to feudal Japan, face to face with his childhood hero Takezo Kensei, the legendary swordsman who became a great Japanese leader. It quickly became clear to Hiro that he was there to help guide Takezo on his way to becoming the great ruler that history knew him to be.

Of course, nothing came easily for Hiro and the struggles were many, but during his journey Hiro met Yaeko, a beautiful woman whose father forged the great sword that Takezo carried. Hiro fell in love with Yaeko, but knew her destiny was to marry the great Takezo Kensei and become his princess.

While Yaeko's stories may have all taken place in feudal Japan, that may not be the case for Season three, coming this fall. Thursday evening, CBR News spoke with actress Eriko Tamura Thursday evening, who plays Yaeko, who said she's eager to get back to shooting "Heroes."

"I really enjoyed working on that show, it's a great show and I am going back for the third season," Tamura told CBR News. "As soon as I'm back in LA [I'll begin shooting], but I can't talk about it."

Tamura said she'll probably go back in front of the lens in May, but isn't certain when shooting for her scenes will begin and she's not seen a script yet for the first episode of the new season. While she couldn't go into details about what her character will face in the third season of "Heroes," when asked if we'd be seeing her character in the past or the present, she answered, "I am going to be in the present."

What's it all mean? Naturally we'll have to wait for the new season to find out how this resident of the past ended up in the present, but stay tuned for an announcement about a special edition return of BEHIND THE ECLIPSE with "Heroes" writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite soon, right here on CBR.

CBR Staff Writer Jami Philbrick contributed to this story.

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