Erik Larsen talks Dragon origin, motivation

[Savage Dragon]So, like CBR's Augie De Blieck Jr., you're a hard core fan of Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon and have been curious since day one what the story was behind this character. What's his origin? Where'd he come from? Those in attendance at Comic-Con International in San Diego this past weekend found out at a panel with the Image founders that Erik Larsen will indeed be revealing that origin once and for all in a new 128 page hardcover that will celebrate the company's 10th anniversary. But, for those of you who don't want to spend the money on the hardcover, Erik has an alternative for you.

"Now, since I'm still writing and drawing the monthly Savage Dragon book and since this deal is a special project celebrating Image's 10th anniversary, I've decided to do the Dragon's origin," Larsen said in his Savage Dragon Forum. "The Dragon himself does not discover his origin here - YOU do. EVENTUALLY, this will be run in the pages of the regular Savage Dragon comic book but not for quite a while - at LEAST a year if not longer (maybe in SD #125, I'm thinking). If you CAN'T WAIT - buy the hardcover - if you CAN wait - it will EVENTUALLY run in the regular comic book.

When asked by another member of his community why he's finally decided to tell this story, Larsen responded, "It was the desire to do something really dramatic and important for the fans on our tenth anniversary. And really-- I couldn't think of anything else to do that would be that worthwhile. My thought was that, as long as I'm already doing the Dragon, something above and beyond that in a special format really ought to be worth the effort and worthy of the project."

For more on Savage Dragon and to join in on the coversation visit the official Web site at http://www.savagedragon.com/

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