Erica Durance Will Play Lois And Isis On Smallville

When the Comic-Con International trailer for Smallville's 10th season leaked online last month, its ancient Egyptian images led many to speculate whether the series' final lap would include Hawkgirl or possibly even Isis. The answer seemed to arrive three weeks ago with the news that Sahar Biniaz had been cast as Carter Hall’s long-lost love Shayera in an episode called “Shield.”

However, now comes word that the show's final season will feature both Hawkgirl and Isis. But wait, there's an even bigger twist: Isis will be portrayed by Erica Durance, who has played Lois Lane since Smallville's fourth season. Suddenly the trailer's dream-like desert shots make more sense.

Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello reveals that Durance will debut as Isis in the Oct. 22 episode, titled, appropriately enough, "Isis." He doesn't say how the dual role plays out, but it's probably not a stretch to imagine it involves the return Michael Shanks as Hawkman, and this necklace. And maybe reincarnation.

Based, of course, on the ancient Egyptian goddess, Isis debuted in September 1975 as part of CBS's live-action Shazam/Isis Hour television series. JoAnna Cameron starred as Andrea Thomas, a science teacher who, while on an archeological dig in Egypt, discovered an ancient mystical amulet that endowed the wearer with the powers of Isis. By holding the amulet and reciting an incantation -- "O Mighty Isis!" -- Andrea was transformed into the goddess Isis, who possessed a wide range of powers, from a command of the elements and flight to super-strength and telekinesis.

A year after her television premiere, Isis debuted in DC Comics' Shazam! #25 (September-October 1976) before launching her own title a month later. The Mighty Isis ended after just eight issues in January 1978, with the character disappearing from DC Comics until 2006, when she was reintroduced in 52 -- this time as Adrianna Tomaz, an Egyptian woman who was given the mystical Amulet of Isis by Black Adam.

The 10th season of Smallville debuts on Sept. 24 on The CW.

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