Eric Powell Relaunches Indie Publisher Albatross Funnybooks

"Goon" creator Eric Powell is relaunching his indie publisher Albatross Funnybooks. Powell detailed the relaunch of Albatross, the original home of his long-running series "The Goon," in an interview with Nerdist.

The publisher will launch with two titles: "Hillbilly," a series written and drawn by Powell and described as a fantasy series starring Appalachian Mountain people; and "Satan's Sodomy Baby II," which will be available in a small, one-time only print run that will be exclusively available at comic shops. Powell noted that "The Goon" will remain at Dark Horse, saying that the series has a "happy home" with the publisher.

Even though "Satan's Sodomy Baby II" is a print-only comic exclusive to retailers, Powell says that the rest of Albatross' line will be available digitally. Powell will also write and draw the first 12 issues of "Hillbilly," which Powell labeled "a flagship book" for the publisher, with the option to do more if he doesn't get "burned out."

Powell spoke about how this new Albatross Funnybooks will be different from the previous iteration, and why he decided to strike out on his own as opposed to go with an established publisher. "Well, when I was self-publishing it was a grueling amount of work for someone to take on alone. I would never try that again. This time I've brought someone on to take care of the day-to-day operations and there are a lot of great freelancers out there I've met through the industry I'm going to be working with to keep the load of my shoulders so I can focus on creative decisions and making books. I've had a good long standing relationship with Dark Horse, and I've only done one project at Image, but it was a great experience. I've got nothing bad to say about them. But I know what I can do there. I need to know what I can do as a publisher with Albatross."

The first books published through Albatross Funnybooks will be Powell's own material, but Powell said he plans on publishing other creators as well. "We do have a couple of projects already in the pipeline by some other creators we'll hopefully be announcing this summer. I have been a longtime vocal advocate for creator-owned comics, and that's what I want to push. I feel they are vital to growing and sustaining our industry. I love the art form of comics and want to see it grow instead of eat itself in rehashed gimmicks and regurgitated ideas!"

For more information about Albatross Funnybooks, you can visit their website, Facebook and Twitter.

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