Eric Canete pulls back curtain on 'Arkham Asylum' cover process

With the debut of DC Comics' Arkham Manor just a month away, Eric Canete revealed the process for his spectacular alternate cover for the first issue. Although the images by themselves are informative and impressive, the artist's accompanying commentary makes for an entertaining read.

Announced in late June alongside Gotham Academy, Arkham Manor finds the world's most dangerous criminals transplanted to stately Wayne Manor after catastrophe strikes Arkham Asylum.

"I think a logical place, at least from the outside, to put these dangerous inmates is Wayne Manor," writer Gerry Duggan, who's collaborating with artist Shawn Crystal on the series, told CBR News. "It's a relatively secluded place that doesn't have a high density of neighbors. Maybe it's not a great solution to put these inmates there, but sometimes not a perfect answer is the one you go with. I think it's a fun little take. The setting offers up a lot of suspense in and of itself, and I hope to take advantage of that."

See some of Canete's process below, and the rest on his Facebook page. Arkham Manor debuts Oct. 22.

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