Eric Canete plans new art book -- and needs your help!

Artist Eric Canete is a house favorite over here at Robot 6 HQ, and with good reason. He's continually innovating and refining his work without bending to the ever-changing idea of a "house style" at the big two. He's given a lot of himself to the comics medium and animation, and now for his next project he's asking for a little bit of payback.

Using the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, Eric Canete is making plans to produce an artbook collecting some of the numerous pieces he's done for animation, comic books and film. Titled ENCOR[e], it is planned to be a hardcover, coffee table book encased in a full color clamshell limited to 1,000 copies. Fans of Canete's work can become a part of this by donating money toward its publication and get some kickback of their own depending on their donor level. Prizes range from a limited edition print if you donate $10 or more to deluxe package of signed ENCOR[e], an original watercolor, and a meet-n-greet-n-eat with the artist either in L.A. or at one of the conventions he visits this year.

It's truly an amazing-looking book, and I hope to have this in my grubby hands sooner rather than later. Go here to donate!

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