Epic 'Bartkira' project is offering a limited-run exhibition book

More than a year ago, James Harvey took Ryan Humphrey's idea of a Simpsons/Akira mashup and ran with it, launching an ambitious jam project in which artists -- 768 in all -- would recreate every page from Katsuhiro Otomo’s pioneering cyberpunk epic using characters from Matt Groening's beloved animated series. That's the story of Batkira, a sprawling, loving tribute to both creators that received its own gallery show last month at Floating World Comics in Portland, Oregon.

Attendees had an opportunity to view some original artwork from the project and pick up a limited-edition 96-page exhibition book, which is now available for purchase for $15 from Floating World Comics. Featuring 80 pages from Bartkira and a 16-page gallery, the book features contributions by the likes of Harvey, Humphrey, Cameron Stewart, Wyatt Carroll, Michael Kim, Cory Tran, Bodie Chewning and Tyler Patrick Boss.

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