Envious Spider-Man mulls a move to suburbs in animated short

There's probably no other superhero more closely associated with New York City than Spider-Man, who was born and raised in Forest Hills, attended college in Greenwich Village, and swings from skyscraper to skyscraper across Midtown.

But in the latest installment of Podtoons, from Left Handed Radio and Above Average, a distracted wall-crawler gets a taste of suburban life when he rescues a woman from Green Goblin and returns her to her New Jersey home. Her spacious three-bedroom New Jersey home ... with an office ... and in-ground pool.

"I have to sleep in a hammock made of webbing -- in a closet -- which dissolves hourly, by the way," Spider-Man says in the animated short, written by CBR columnist Brett White. "I don't get a lot of consecutive hours of sleep."


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