The Entire Marvel Cinematic Universe Stars in an Honest Trailer

The Marvel Cinematic Universe may rule the box office with an iron fist, but even movie superstardom can't save you from a brutal Honest Trailer take-down.

To celebrate its 300th video, the YouTube channel Honest Trailers opted to go big, releasing a 9-minute long video covering the entirety of the MCU, with only Avengers: Endgame excluded from the video's spot-on burns.

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While Honest Trailers is no stranger to taking Marvel movies to task, having previously raked the 1986 box office dud Howard The Duck over the coals, Honest Trailers saved some of their most pithy takedowns for the House of Ideas' cinematic powerhouse.

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Across the video, the narrator opines on Marvel's lackluster villains, cookie-cutter character personalities and a surprising love of having people jump out of planes. While the video clearly comes from a loving place, that doesn't make remarks on Marvel's penchant for taking "visionary indie filmmakers" who are subsequently "funneled into the Marvel style of over lit digital video where everything is CGI" any less brutal.

But Honest Trailers doesn't save the jokes just for Marvel, admitting that Marvel's cinematic success launched an entire cottage industry of MCU-centric YouTube videos, including a certain comedy web series "that would have died a long time ago if Marvel movies weren't so popular." Honest Trailers has enough time to dunk on the MCU and still work in a self-burn, making this video a must see for Marvel fans and Honest Trailer loyalists alike.

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