"Entertainment Weekly" Reviews Image's "Godland"

Official Press Release

BERKELEY, CA -- 22 September, 2005 – In this week's Entertainment Weekly magazine, reviewer Tom Sinclair discovers God.

Well... maybe not God, but he discovered GØDLAND, giving Joe Casey & Tom Scioli's critically acclaimed series a B+ rating!

"This was totally unexpected, but very cool. And a "B+" is better than I ever did in school, so we're all very psyched," enthused Casey. "This is a nice recognition of all the hard work that Tom Scioli, Bill Crabtree, Richard Starkings and Comicraft -- not to mention the crew at Image -- put into this book every month."

All the issues of GØDLAND are currently available for reorder and now is a perfect time to catch up, with issue #4 shipping next month and issue #5 out in November!


"The great thing about GØDLAND is it's not some decades-old concept on its dozenth revamp," said Image Comics Executive Director Eric Stephenson. "If you want 21st Century superheroes, written by a master of modern comics storytelling and illustrated with the same raw energy that made Jack Kirby's most cosmic epics crackle like no other comics on the rack, GØDLAND's your book!"

Casey concluded by saying, "Hopefully, it'll get even more people interested in checking out the series. After all, we're just getting started...!"

For the complete review, check out Entertainment Weekly's website.


Ask your local retailer to contact their Diamond Customer Service Representative for ordering. The first three issues are available now and issues #4 & #5 are available for advance reorder:

GØDLAND #1 - APR051660

GØDLAND #2 - MAY051559

GØDLAND #3 - SEP051695

GØDLAND #4 - JUL051655

GØDLAND #5 - SEP051695

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