Enormous sleeping Snorlax is the cushion Pokemon fans dream of

On the eve of Pokémon Day, marking the 20th anniversary of the first Pokémon video game, Premium Bandai has unveiled merchandise that's sure to rocket to the top of any would-be Trainer's wish list: a nearly 5-foot-tall sleeping Snorlax cushion.

Yes, that's taller than most children, and more than a few adults.

Officially dubbed the "Kabigon Cushion that makes you never want to wake up" (Kabigon is the pocket monster's name in Japan), the cushion measures 4.25 feet wide and nearly 2 feet thick, sure to provide a comfy napping spot. Well, as long as nobody wanders by playing a Poké Flute.

The sleeping Snorlax is available for preorder for about $460 through March 31. It's expected to ship in August.

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(via Crunchyroll)

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