Enormous Deadpool statue seeks to seduce Japan

Wade Wilson is determined to win over the people of Japan ... with an enormous statue of Deadpool lying seductively on the bed of a truck.

If you think that come-hither pose looks familiar, it's because it was used in the marketing of the blockbuster movie. Only that time, the Merc With a Mouth was lying, Burt Reynolds-like, on a bearskin run, in front of a fireplace.

This too is to promote Fox's Deadpool, which doesn't open in Japan until June 1. Kotaku reports the statue, which measures nearly 23 feet long, debuted Sunday in Osaka, with stops planned in Nagoya and then Tokyo.

Perhaps this is what residents of Regina, Saskatchewan, had in mind when they launched a petition for a Deadpool statue. Perhaps after seeing Japan's take on the Marvel antihero, Mayor Michael Fougere will change his mind.

#デッドプール #デップー発見 pic.twitter.com/z2zPdgflrg

— コランダ (@koranda36) May 9, 2016

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