Ennis, Conner, Palmiotti and Mounts Appear in NYC to benefit CBLDF

Press Release

Garth Ennis, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Paul Mounts havecreated a monster and you're invited to celebrate its birth. OnWednesday, July 24, PRO, the story of the world's first super-powered prostitute hits the streets of New York with a gala signingat Jim Hanley's Universe and a raunchy after-party at Josie WoodsPub. Both events will benefit the CBLDF.

Ennis, Conner, Palmiotti, and Mounts will be at Hanley's from 4 pmto 7 pm signing autographs while the Fund signs up members and sellsa benefit print available only at this event. "If you like thisbook, you need to join the Fund," Jimmy Palmiotti says. If you signup for membership at the signing we'll enter you into a drawing towin cool stuff from the Pro team and the Fund. "I want to see a newrecord set for members signed up in one day," Palmiotti says, "Socome out and show your support."

After the signing mosey over to Josie Woods where you'll be able tobooze into the wee hours with Garth, Amanda, Jimmy, and Paul.Palmiotti says, "The $5 cover benefits the Fund and enters you intoa raffle to win artwork, DVDs, music, assorted X-mas gifts we didn'thave the balls to return, crap that we need to get rid of, a pornomovie or two, a grab at Nelson's ass. We'll even have our veryown "pro" at the party that will be giving lap dances away asprizes."

"We hope to raise enough cash to help the Fund pay for the legalrepresentation we're gonna need for doing this comic, so come to thesigning, come to the party, and buy a few raffle tickets. Everyonewill win something, even if its just a drunken good time."

Everyone over 21 is invited to the Josie Woods party and bringingfriends is encouraged. Come out and have an evening you wish you'llremember and help the Fund raise money to fight new threats againstfree speech in comics.

Jim Hanley's Universe is located at:

4 West 33rd Street

New York, NY 10001

(Opposite the Empire State Building)

Call 212-268-7088 for directions

Or visit www.jhuniverse.com

Josie Woods Pub is located at:

11 Waverly (between Mercer St. and Green)

in New York City (by the NYU Campus)

Call 212-228-6806 for directions.

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