Enlist in Studio 407's <i>Havoc Brigade</i>

Wars are won by decisive leaders, dedicated soldiers and technology that gives you the upper hand. But after you win the wars, what happens if that technology fell into the wrong hands?

That's what happens in this week's Havoc Brigade graphic novel from Studio 407. Writer Neal Marshall Stevens and artist John Bosco showcase a world where a decades-long military conflict is finally overcome with the introduction of a group of soldiers piloting experimental machines known as Havocs. After peace is achieved, the Havoc Brigade and their vehicles are put out to pasture but strife begins anew when one of their own has different ideas. The Havoc Brigade was created to put an end to the war, but with the war over who is to stop a rebellious man with a Havoc at his command?

Havoc Brigade creator/writer Neal Marshall Stevens might be an unfamiliar name in comics, but he's a big name in horror circles as writer of several horror movies including Thirteen Ghosts and one of the Hellraiser movies. Reportedly Stevens came to comics to have more of his story ideas reach the world, complaining of the complex and disappointing process of getting a film made. Stevens has a second comics project in the works titled Demon Squad, also scheduled to come out via Studio 407.

Here is a five-page preview of Havoc Brigade provided by the publisher:

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