Enjoy a Feast of Thanksgiving-Themed Comic Book Covers!

Today's Thanksgiving in the United States, but why should real people have all the fun? Comic book characters have a long tradition of celebrating the holiday, from superheroes to Archie and the gang, Porky Pig and Barbie herself.

In honor of Thanksgiving, CBR presents a cornucopia of past comic book covers commemorating the fourth Thursday in November. These covers stretch back all the way to the Golden Age into the contemporary era (and keep in mind, some of these images are very much of their time, with considerably less than sensitive depictions).

Many of these covers pay homage to Norman Rockwell's iconic "Freedom From Want" painting, which first appeared in a 1943 edition of "The Saturday Evening Post" (in March, of all months). And some just have wacky giant turkeys. Either way, enjoy these covers and enjoy your holiday! (Special, well, thanks to COMICS SHOULD BE GOOD blogmaster Brian Cronin for several of these suggestions and to Comic Book DB for credit info help.)

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