Enhanced Superior Spider-Man 2.0 Costume Hits "Marvel Heroes" in August

Gazillion Entertainment and Marvel Comics' "Marvel Heroes" free-to-play online game has a lot of characters and a lot of alternate costumes -- but only a few of those costumes are special enough to get the "Enhanced" treatment -- to merit new animations and voice-over work, completely changing the tone of the character. Kotaku reports that a long-overdue Enhanced costume will be available for purchase this August: Dan Slott's Superior Spider-Man.

In addition to using the Superior Spider-Man 2.0 look that will debut later this year in the comic, the costume will have different idle stances, movement and attack animation to gel with Otto Octavius' takeover of Peter Parker's body. Voicework and unique dialogue for the Superior Spider-Man will be provided by Christopher Daniel Barnes.

The Superior Spider-Man costume is the third Enhanced costume overall and the second for Spider-Man, whose Symbiote costume (only available as a part of the Ultimate Pack preorder) is also Enhanced. Deadpool's Pirate costume is the only currently available enhanced costume that can be bought in-store.

Check out the Marvel Heroes model for Superior Spider-Man 2.0 and "Superior Spider-Man" artist Humberto Ramos' designs for the character below.

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