Enemi Ent./Haven Distributors catalog details released

Official Press Release

As reported in Publishers Weekly, Enemi Entertainment has partnered with Haven Distributors to produce a new catalog, which will be available to retailers and direct to comic fans around the world.

The catalog will showcase independent comics, including product lines by publishers that have signed with both companies. All orders will be fulfilled by Haven and shipped out of their warehouse in Chicago, IL.

Getting listed with a cover image and solicitation blurb is free and advertising options will be available. The lineup will include new releases printed through Enemi's printing service as well as existing stock ready for immediate reorders at Haven's standard flat discount structure.

"This alliance is a perfect fit," explained Lance Stahlberg, Director of Haven Distributors. "Enemi Entertainment can provide a marketing component that we've been missing, helping us reach out to more customers. And Haven can provide Enemi with a solid order fulfillment solution for the fantastic catalog they've designed."

Enemi's CEO, John Kotsis, added, "There are a lot of retailers and fans with an interest in purchasing independent titles, especially if they can do so easily by accessing a comprehensive resource that lists a broad spectrum of independent publishers, their comics, graphic novels, and related products. Our catalog can be that resource."

Orders and inquiries can be submitted through www.Havendistro.com or by phone at 877-HAVEN-50, or by fax at 773-506-4749.

ABOUT Haven Distributors â€" www.HavenDistro.com

Haven Distributors was launched in 2008 as a subsidiary of Rogue Wolf Entertainment with the mission of enabling independent comics to succeed in an ever-changing market place. They strive to treat their customers as partners, providing a range of order fulfillment services from wholesale distribution to web store management.

ABOUT Enemi Entertainment â€" www.Enemi-Entertainment.com

Enemi Entertainment was founded in 2006 as an independent publisher with the intention of putting together a catalog of their own titles that would mail directly to retailers. Founder and CEO John Kotsis thought it would be a better idea to publish a catalog including other independent companies, as well, providing them with greater exposure to the retailers and fans seeking out their titles. Networking with retailers and talking to fans while laying the groundwork for what would become a joint venture with Haven Distribution, John Kotsis discovered that there was interest in the catalog, which is something he is reminded of daily as new titles and products are added by publishers that want to join the independent revolution.

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