'Endless Nights' covered by mainstream media

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News stories on THE SANDMAN: ENDLESS NIGHTS (STAR19617) have been released on newsstands and via the internet, all praising the work of Neil Gaiman and his ENDLESS NIGHTS collaborators.

Today's USA Today features an image of Death on its front page, with the callout "Family of Dreamers Revived." Page one of the "Life" section features the article "Gaiman and Dream Team Are Back," in which David Colton writes, "SANDMAN just might be the smartest comic book ever written." The article include quotes from Neil Gaiman, DC President & Publisher Paul Levitz, and musician Tori Amos. The story is available online at http://www.usatoday.com/life/books/news/2003-09-17-gaiman_x.htm.

Forbes.com has posted the story "The Sandman Returns" at http://www.forbes.com/2003/09/17/cz_mm_0917bookreview.html?partner=aol, with Michael Maiello writing, "In his SANDMAN series of graphic novels, Neil Gaiman has created a landscape as detailed and nuanced as the collective myths of ancient Greece, or the tales of wandering knights recounted by Chaucer." Maiello calls ENDLESS NIGHTS "an ideal place for new readers to start in on the series," adding, "Once readers become acquainted with the series, they'll want to explore the active and interesting culture that has sprung up around it."

The September 17 Village Voice includes the story "Re-enter Sandman," posted online at http://www.villagevoice.com/issues/0338/giuffo.php. In it, John Giuffo calls ENDLESS NIGHTS "a dizzyingly lush grouping of seven tales," adding, "ENDLESS NIGHTS both delivers on the high expectations of longtime readers and surprises with its millennium-spanning variety."

CNN.com has posted a story on ENDLESS NIGHTS at http://www.cnn.com/2003/SHOWBIZ/books/09/17/review.gaiman/index.html, with Porter Anderson writing, "Gaiman is...an accomplished alchemist in artistic collaboration."

The September 12 edition of the Boston Herald featured the article "Endlessly Entertaining: Neil Gaiman Revives His Acclaimed SANDMAN Characters," with Mark A. Perigard writing, "Gaiman's tales range from humor to horror and back again, with images and emotions that linger long after the book is closed."

In addition, the issue of Entertainment Weekly that goes on sale tomorrow will feature a story on ENDLESS NIGHTS, with more articles scheduled for upcoming issues of SPIN, STUFF and other magazines.

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