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Empire Strikes Back Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment

by  in Movie News Comment
Empire Strikes Back Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment

In trying to satirize a movie that they admit is “the absolute peak of the [Star Wars] franchise” and “one of the best sequels ever made,” the Screen Junkies team didn’t exactly give themselves an easy target. However, the Honest Trailer for “The Empire Strikes Back” still gets in some good laughs at the characters, George Lucas and nerd culture itself.

After spending the first minute extolling the film’s virtues, the narrator actually pauses and sighs, “This is going to be a tough one, isn’t it?” Of course, this being Honest Trailers, they still find some of the film’s funniest and strangest motifs. The trailer points out Luke’s “just dumb” decision-making, Princess Leia’s inability to pronounce Han’s name and doesn’t-look-so-planned-out character arc, Han Solo’s habit of always “mak[ing] a point with his hands,” and Yoda’s love of “flipping for no reason.”

Screen Junkies also offers some teasing of Lucas. The narrator observes, “The movie Star Wars fans love the most just so happens to be the one where George Lucas was involved the least” and jokes that “The Empire Strikes Back” comes from a time when “the prequels could still be good.”

Some of the trailer’s sharpest criticism is aimed at today’s “nostalgia” franchises and not at “Empire” itself. The narrator praises “The Empire Strikes Back” as a sequel, because it “takes everything you love about ‘Star Wars’ and actually builds on it” instead of “coast[ing] by on nostalgia alone.” The narrator also points out that originally fans “didn’t take these make-believe characters so frikkin’ seriously.”

All told, it’s one of the more complimentary Honest Trailers. As the narrator sums up, “You suck, perfect movie!”

This isn’t the first time Honest Trailers has taken a look at the “Star Wars” franchise. They’ve previously satirized “The Force Awakens” and “A New Hope”, as well as the much-mocked prequels (“Attack of the Clones”, “Revenge of the Sith” and “Phantom Menace”).

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