Empire strikes back as Chewbacca is arrested in Ukraine

Following the unveiling of the Darth Vader statue in Odessa, Ukraine, the Empire didn't waste any time in tightening its iron grip.

Video surfaced Sunday of a very unhappy Chewbacca being detained not by Stormtroopers but by local police for, among other things, illegal campaigning on election day. Hadn't they been told to let the Wookiee win?

As we noted previously, Star Wars has been a favorite of the Internet Party of Ukraine, which last year put forward Darth Vader and several other characters -- 16 Sith Lords alone! -- for local and national offices, with no success. This year was no different, as The Moscow Times reports Darth Vader was once again prevented from casting a ballot.

Armed with a Ukrainian passport, Vader allegedly accused election officials of "massive falsifications" when his name didn't appear on the voter registry. "The Empire allowed dual citizenship," he said.

He was escorted by a battalion of Stormtroopers, whose presence triggered a flurry of selfies and a threat from an election official to have them removed from the polling station. "If you want to take a selfie with them, go ahead," Lord Vader was quote as saying. "I allow that, but expelling my bodyguards is not allowed."

Where does the Wookiee fit into all of this? He drove the Sith Lord to the polling station in what's described as the "Vadermobile." Local news reports suggest that Chewbacca, who may have been a Rebel spy, was also detained for illegal parking and not having a license.

He was fined about $7.38, but reportedly told local news outlets he was unable to pay because his funds "are in an intergalactic bank that has no branches on this planet."

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