'Emotional scenes, that's the most fun for me,' Kirkman says

With AMC's adaptation of The Walking Dead in production in Atlanta, USA Today checks in with creator Robert Kirkman, who's so far resisting the siren call of Hollywood.

"I like to say that in Kentucky, I'm thin!" he tells the newspaper. "I'm never moving out to Hollywood."

Kirkman reiterates his desire to remain focused on the long-running comic -- "We're hoping to have 12 issues out this year, and I want to reward the fans who got us here by continuing to put our book out" -- and touches upon the characters' current situation, as they stay in a seemingly idyllic, walled community in Northern Virginia.

He also talks about his hopes for the TV series, which debuts in October. "Hopefully, things like The Walking Dead getting made will show people that comic books are an entertainment medium, " he says. "They're not just superheroes. Anything you could get out of a novel or a television series or a movie, you can get that in some form or another in a comic book. It's just another way to experience great drama and cool stories."

That's a point actor Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes, echoes in a separate interview (he and Kirkman have formed a bit of a mutual admiration society): "You realize it's a horror novel, but it's extraordinarily like Lord of the Flies. Forget about the zombie thing. It's like a plague has occurred, and what is left of humanity? It's about society and humanity and family, a love story really, and within that, everything has run riot and the rules no longer apply, people have gone extremely feral."

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