Emma Frost Recruits An X-Man as the New Red Queen in Marauders Teaser

A new teaser from the upcoming Marauders relaunch shows Emma Frost recruiting a fan-favorite X-Man as the Hellfire Club's latest Red Queen: Kitty Pryde.

With the ominous tagline "An offer you can't refuse...", the image shows Emma communicating with Kitty telepathically while entering her personal limo, where she presumably extends an offer to Kitty to take a leadership position in the Hellfire Club's inner circle. The image, illustrated by Marauders artist Matteo Lolli, is below:

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Marauders writer Gerry Duggan pointed out on Twitter that a released cover for November's Marauders #2, illustrated by Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson, had similarly revealed Kitty Pryde becoming the Red Queen. The cover to the upcoming issue, revealed last month, shows Kitty and her trusty pet dragon Lockheed as a red chess piece ominously wielded by Emma as Sebastian Shaw looks on.

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After Emma's heroic redemption following the fall of Genosha, Kitty had been largely distrustful of her due to her villainous past with the Hellfire Club and Shaw. The two would eventually reconcile to become frenemies and teammates. Powers of X has recently seen Emma Frost resume her position as the White Queen. In fact, she re-formed the Hellfire Club with Shaw as part of Charles Xavier and Magneto's plan to bring the mutant community together at Krakoa.

Gerry Duggan and Matteo Lolli's Marauders #1 is scheduled to go on sale this October from Marvel Comics.

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