Emma Frost Reads Your Mind on Artgerm's Marvel Comics #1000 Variant

Marvel Comics #1000 draws closer every day and, amid the excitement, Stanley "Artgerm" Lau showed off his new Emma Frost variants. Notably, this is Artgerm's first take on the X-Men's villainess-turned-heroine.

The pictures released show Emma back in her White Queen garb, gearing up to read someone's mind. The other one features her in her Black Queen costume -- or Black King if you're reading the current Uncanny X-Men run.

Significantly, the Black King cover also features Frost in her diamond form. Although diamond skin was not originally part of her concept, the power was introduced as part of Grant Morrison's New X-Men after the destruction of Genosha.

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It was revealed that Frost had survived purely because of the mutation, which left her nigh-invulnerable. While diamond, she's numb from emotion, impervious to temperature extremes and has heightened strength. However, she cannot use her telepathy while in this form, adding a touch of irony to the fact that she's still posed for a telepathic attack in the second cover.

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As part of the Hellfire Club, Frost was the villainous White Queen, posing a threat to the X-Men and the New Mutants in classic books. However, as the 2000s rolled around, she joined the X-Men and even found herself running the Xavier Institute with her boyfriend, Cyclops.

Her quick wit and sharp tongue have led to her becoming a fan-favorite over the years, surging to popularity after joining the main team. Most recently, she's taken the mantle of the Black King of the Hellfire Club, taking down her abuser and former boss, Sebastian Shaw, in Leah Williams' X-Men Black: Emma Frost. Now, as neither hero nor villain, she's found her way into Matthew Rosenberg's Uncanny X-Men.

Marvel Comics #1000 will start from 1939 and work its way to the present day, with each page correlating to one year in the publisher's history. Along with celebrity contributors are also names from Marvel's storied past, including George PĂ©rez, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Kurt Busiek, Walter Simonson and more. The landmark issue arrives in August, followed by Marvel Comics #1001 in September.

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