Emerald City Comicon launches webcomic with Chris Giarrusso and Brad Guigar

Comics have covered a variety of subjects, but in a unique new webcomic strip by Brad Guigar and Chris Giarrusso, comics themselves are the subject. Launched earlier this week, Tales From The Con aims to give a humorous look at the ins and outs of comic conventions and the unique vagaries of these fan-driven events. Another interesting facet of the webcomic is that it's originating from the website of a convention itself -- Emerald City Comicon.

"Anyone who has exhibited at a comic convention has a great story about the experience -- some funny, some frustrating, some bizarre -- and that makes for great comics," said Brad Guigar in a press release. "Combined, Chris and I probably have 20 years of conventions under our belts. Not only is this a terrific chance to share some of that, but it's a unique way to connect it to one of the premiere comic conventions in America, the Emerald City Comicon."

According to Guigar, convention director  Jim Demonakos approached him about this project without knowing Guigar had briefly mentioned this sort of thing in an earlier interview with GammaSquad as an ideal compliment to a publisher's website.

ECCC and the creators plan to post a new installment of Tales From The Con every Thursday on the convention's website. I expect con crud jokes early and often.

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