Emerald City Comicon art aftermath: Chris Samnee and Eric Canete

One of the most thrilling parts of attending conventions is meeting the people who make the books you love. And especially great is artist's alley, where creators show off a range of art from special editions, sketchbooks and, in some cases, pieces drawn before your eyes. And although I wasn't able to attend Emerald City Comicon this year, seeing the steady stream of artwork produced for fans there and put online is still a thrill.

Take, for example, Chris Samnee, a prolific artist who's bounced around the industry for the past few years before settling in at Marvel, thanks to the critical success of Thor: The Mighty Avenger. After finishing the final issue of that series, Samnee has being doing some short-term gigs such as last week's issue of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man. Although his next major project hasn't been announced yet, his sketches from ECCC show he's ready for ... well, anything!

On the flipside, and only a few tables down, was the always-awesome Eric Canete. The artist, whose last major project was the underrated New Avengers: Luke Cage miniseries from last summer, busted out some phenomenal sketches, including this delectable Black Widow and Nick Fury piece. If you're like me and wondering what Canete is up to next, we may get that answer soon -- as Canete said on his DeviantArt that he just signed contracts for new projects.

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