Emerald City | <i>Batman Beyond #1</i> in June, more JSA on <i>Smallville</i>

BOOM! Studios isn't the only publisher at the Emerald City Comicon with news. Here's a rundown on some of the other stuff coming out of the con ...

  • Laura Hudson at ComicsAlliance reports from the DC Nation panel that occurred earlier today. We already know that animated star Batman Beyond is set to appear in this year's Superman/Batman annual, written by Paul Levitz. According to editor Ian Sattler, the annual will be out in June and will feature Superman Beyond as well. And a new Batman Beyond series kicks off that month.
  • At that same panel, Geoff Johns also confirmed that the JSA would appear again on Smallville toward the end of the season. "The hope is for every DC character to appear outside the comic book. Correctly," Johns said.
  • And James Robinson is working on a new Shade series. Previously he told iFanboy he'd love to explore Opal City in the form of a Shade series.
  • Laura also reports on the Mondo Marvel panel that occurred in Seattle. Although there were no announcements, they did talk about the recent Tea Bagger controversy in Captain America, how the Disney/Marvel merger was going and, as always, "One More Day."
  • iFanboy reports on some of Oni's news from the show. Guerillas by Brahm Revel is moving from Image to Oni, with a first volume collection due in October. In July they'll release a new graphic novel called Super Pro K.O.! by Jarrett Williams, described as "Shonen Jump meets high-impact, old-school wrastlin'." And Phil Gelatt and Tyler Crook's Petrograd comes out in November. I spoke with Gelatt about the book last summer, when it was announced at SDCC.
  • As reported on CBR, Hack/Slash is moving from Devil's Due to Image. "...it became pretty clear that the pretty well [publicized] financial problems DDP was having weren't going to help me get my book out every month or help me get my creators paid on time," creator Tim Seeley told CBR. "I've been working with Image on my other creator-owned stuff like "Loaded Bible" and "Colt Noble and the Megalords," and I've always had great experiences working with [Image Comics Publisher] Eric Stephenson and [Sales and Licensing Coordinator] Joe Keatinge and the rest of the crew. And, most of the comics I read and enjoy every month come out of Image. So, with the help of DDP president Josh Blaylock, I set up a deal to bring Cassie and Vlad over to Image."
  • Heidi MacDonald reports that next year's Emerald City Comicon will run three days. They'll also run a one-day show called the Jet City Comic Show in September.

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