Embodiments Of Death In DC, Ranked

DC Comics is a broad franchise with a broad cosmology, and as would naturally occur in a setting where infinite universes is an understatement when describing the complexity of the multiverse, people die a lot. Death is an important concept, both in real life and in DC, and as such, there are many people who represent or embody the concept.

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The Black Racer is said to be Death as an inevitability, while Death of the Endless is said to be Death as a release. When Captain Atom questions how they can both be death, Death of the Endless explains that death is a big concept, so there's a lot of room to go around. We'll be going over the people who represent that concept here.

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19 Lord Death Man

Lord Death Man first appeared in a Japanese manga series called Batman. The story he appeared in was adapted into a comic during the sixties, and he's appeared a few times since.

Because he is an entity of death, he is said to be able to resurrect himself if he were to die, and he momentarily haunted Batman in his sleep. Though, considering he failed to kill Batman, it's doubtful that he's actually very good at his job.

18 Death (Silver Age)

Death appeared during the Silver Age of comics wearing his common guise of a skeletal reaper that wields a scythe, though he occasionally appeared as a man in a business suit.

He faced off against Barry Allen, and while it was implied he would be able to kill him, Barry Allen ended up defeating him by repeatedly punching him with light.

17 Death (Warlord)

While it can be argued that the Death that appeared in the Warlord line of comics is also Death of the Endless because of their similar look and function, she had a different personality and different views about the concept.

She also predates Death of the Endless as a character. Despite how powerful Warlord became, even being able to rip space and time asunder with his blade, he was incapable of harming Death.

16 Black Flash

Black Flash is the concept of death for Speedsters because Wally West is faster than death itself.

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Like before, while it was implied that the Black Flash would've been capable of killing Wally if he could actually touch him, Wally West outran the Black Flash to the end of the universe where death ceased to exist on a conceptual level.

15 Anubis

Anubis is a God of Death from Egyptian mythology that faced off against Superman on one occasion. He's this powerful because he was capable of contending with Superman physically, though his ability to inflict instant death unto someone failed to work on Superman.

There's no surprise there, though—he's Superman, after all!

14 Time Trapper

The main thing that Time Trapper represents is the concept of Entropy, but he's known to represent many other concepts such as the End, Time, Night, Eternity, Apocalypse, and Death.

As shown with the Black Racer, even death ceases to be on a conceptual level due to the Time Trapper's very existence.

13 Hades

Hades is not necessarily an active embodiment of Death, but rather the archetype of the underworld that all other possible underworlds merely participate in.

As he is a being that transcends the concepts of space and time as a Sky Lord within the Sphere of the Gods, even the Time Trapper's capability to end all timelines is nothing to him.

12 Black Racer

The Black Racer is really similar to the Black Flash, except he is known to be faster. Part of his speed is that Death is inevitable and always there in the end.

While Hades may be a living archetype, the Black Racer is capable of killing other living archetypes within the Sphere of the Gods, such as Orion or any other New God.

11 Nekron

While Death of the Endless is known to be Death as a release, and the Black Racer is known to be Death as an inevitability, Nekron is said to be Death as a cosmic certainty, as a grand and final opponent.

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He's portrayed as being even more powerful than both Death of the Endless and the Black Racer in this comic.

10 Anti-Life Entity

The Anti-Life Entity is the embodiment of what the Anti-Life Equation represents. The Anti-Life Equation is often used to disprove the concept of free will within someone, controlling both their free will and their destinies.

However, it is shown in the recent Justice League Odyssey line of comics to emanate from New Gods when they die. Even the Black Racer and Darkseid should be subject to fragments of its being.

9 The Death Of Superman

In Superman: Where Is Thy Sting, Superman faced off against the embodiment of his own death. While Superman ended up defeating it and subduing it, it ended up destroying the entire universe and killing all things throughout all of creation, including hope itself.

Killing all of creation is something that the Anti-Life Entity shouldn't actively be capable of doing.

8 Death Of The Endless

Despite Nekron's portrayal of being more powerful than Death of the Endless, that is only with his active killing force. Death of the Endless is a release.

She will be there to claim Nekron when he dies, and she will claim Lucifer Morningstar when he dies, and she will claim the Presence when he dies, even if she can't actively kill them. And that's just part of her power!

7 The Angel Of Death

While Azrael may appear in other comics as the Angel of Death, there is a different Angel of Death that appeared in the Preacher series.

He is said to wield a sword that is all-killing and never-missing. He is said to only be limited by the Presence himself when it comes to what he can kill.

6 Darkworld

The Darkworld is a concept introduced during the Silver Age as a place that all magic originates from, and it powers all magic users. There is an entity who is the embodiment of the Darkworld and, on some level, is said to represent death.

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The Darkworld was brought back recently in the Justice League Dark 2018 line of comics and was said to be the Great Darkness, which is an evil equal to the Presence.

5 The Antagon

Antagon is a villain that faced off against Animal Man after he became an Animal Master. He is a similar existence to the Great Darkness.

He is said to be the darkness that was there in the first moment of creation, the denial of all imagination, the urge and will to murder all things, dryness and fear, grief and mourning, envy and loss, pride and bitterness, unsated bloodlust, agony and dread, terror, and the pain of dying. All of these things make up his material being as a non-being that is a cosmic vampire and the ineffable antithesis.

4 The Decreator

The Decreator is also similar to the last two entries. He is said to be the shadow that the Presence casts after he shed his light of creation.

The difference between the Decreator and the last two on the list is that he's said to actually be capable of erasing the Presence, while the Great Darkness is only known to be able to stalemate him endlessly.

3 The Saint Of Killers

The Saint of Killers is another entry from the Preacher series, having inherited the Angel of Death's position as God's killer. The Sword that was previously mentioned was melted down in the flames of hell and made into a pair of dual revolvers that not only are all-killing and never-missing, but they also never misfire and they never fall on empty.

He killed the Angel of Death and made the Presence cower in fear before him before he casually killed him.

2 Skeletor

In Masters of the Universe: The Eternity War, Skeletor had gained the Power of Grayskull and the Gems within the eyes of the Castle of Grayskull. He used these artifacts, along with a blood transfusion of Grayskull's blood, to control fate.

He controlled it to such an extent that he was going to become the Chaos and Darkness that precedes the Light and Order that birthed all of creation, becoming the Antiverse.

1 Mandrakk

Mandrakk is the concept of the antagonist who Grant Morrison has described as being a big concept that represents all negative things, like Is Not, Evil, Darkness, and Death. He is the first concept made to contain the concept of stories.

As Dax Novu, he is known to have taken down the Angel of Contamination and the Great Darkness, even before he became Mandrakk. After taking on the position as the ultimate evil, he defeated the Thought Robot, who is the embodiment of the story of Superman that represents all positive things. As a self-assembling hyper-story, he is constantly becoming more powerful.

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