15 Times MCU Stars Embarrassed Themselves On Social Media

Superheroes may have special powers, but even they find themselves in embarrassing situations sometimes. Similarly, the actors and actresses behind some fan favorite Marvel characters also get into some embarrassing shenanigans when they're outside their costumes. These performers may have to spend their time acting serious and fighting fake aliens in front of the camera, but in-between takes they all break character and revert to their normal, silly selves. Set pics from a lot of these movies reveal that many of the actors quickly pull out their phones and browse social media whenever they get a chance to kick back and relax for a few minutes.

It may sound like a shocker, but celebrities are normal people who do normal things. No one is perfect, and everyone's favorite actor breaks and posts an embarrassing thing on social media every once in a while. Even the coolest and smoothest of celebrities break occasionally and transform into goofy-goobers for the world to see. Sometimes these moments are clearly constructed and posted for the laughs, but there are other times where celebrities post something they think is cool that is just embarrassing! Check out these 15 times MCU stars embarrassed themselves on social media!


Before the movie started at the Thor: Ragnarok premiere, the cast came out and basked in the affection from the crowd. One of the stars of the film was the Incredible Hulk himself, Mark Ruffalo, and he came out live-streaming the pre-movie activities. Instead of turning off his phone like everyone else in the audience, Ruffalo accidentally left his stream going after he put his phone in his jacket pocket.

His Instagram Live recording continued throughout the first ten minutes of the film, giving 2000 lucky fans a chance to listen to the movie before it came out. The video received numerous comments and likes while it was still being recorded. Since Ruffalo is such a big deal in the MCU, he didn't get in any trouble for this embarrassing mistake.


Thanos made his big-screen screen during The Avengers after credit sequence, but the character wasn't fully cast at the time. Now, Thanos is ready to make his presence felt and confront Earth's Mightiest Heroes with the help of the Infinity Gauntlet. To bring such a big villain to life, Marvel cast Josh Brolin in the role. An intense actor with roles in mature films like No Country For Old Men and Inherent Vice, Brolin also knows how to be silly and enjoy himself.

To help his wife prepare for an Autumn fashion presentation, Brolin modeled some of the designs. In an Instagram video, Brolin posted a video of him wearing a pair of underwear stretched up over his waist. While he is clearly posing in a way to make himself look silly, his description is very empowering and calls for everyone to love one another and stop being so judgmental.


One of the best things coming out of Thor: Ragnarok is Tessa Thompson's charismatic, dangerous Valkyrie. A member of the Asgardian fighting force, Thompson's character goes through a lot of personal growth throughout the film. Thompson's interpretation of the character is so popular among fans and Marvel creatives that writer Saladin Ahmed is bringing her into the comic book universe in his upcoming revival of Exiles. Fans weren't the only people excited by the announcement though.

Thompson herself took to Instagram and showed off a self-recorded video of her grooving around a tent and even incorporating her character's sais into the dance routine. What makes this video even funnier is the fact that it is Thompson's first ever Instagram post and the only time she has shown off her Valkyrie costume on the platform.


Just because Chris Pratt is a successful movie star doesn't mean his older brother is gonna cut him any slack whenever they get together. According to the picture's description, every time the Pratt brothers get together Cully gets behind Chris and puts him in a headlock. While Chris is a strong guy who trains in various fighting styles for his movies, he says he only has two options: tap out or go to sleep.

Star-Lord may be capable of taking down his villainous father, as seen in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but Pratt is unable to keep his brother at bay in the real world. Part of what makes this picture so enjoyable is the youngest member of the Pratt family watching the affair unfold but choosing to do nothing to help Chris out of the jam.


When Spider-Man was introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Captain America: Civil War, fans were understandably overjoyed. No longer would Spider-Man be relegated to his own Sony-restricted world, now he would be on-screen fighting alongside The Avengers. Tom Holland brings a youthful, energetic feel to the character that makes his version of everyone's favorite web-head feel like he was pulled right out of the comics.

While fans were excited for Holland to star in his first solo film with Spider-Man: Homecoming, it seems someone on set wanted to play a joke on the star. Key members of the cast and crew are all given chairs to sit on at various shooting locations, but sometimes certain individuals get higher-quality chairs. During production on Homecoming, Holland posted a picture of a toilet bowl with "Peter" written on the back shoved in-between two nice, personalized chairs meant for his co-stars.


One of the funniest coincidences at Marvel Studios is the fact that three of their biggest heroes are all played by actors named Chris. Chris Evans (Captain America), Chris Pratt (Star-Lord) and The God of Thunder himself, Chris Hemsworth, have all become huge stars thanks to their work inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the fans may have favorite characters and prefer one actor over another, the three Chrises are all friends and lean into the joke on social media.

Hemsworth posted a picture of himself next to a painting with a speech bubble on that says "Everyone Wants To Be Chris Pratt." The photo description simply stated "it's true," as Hemsworth pokes fun at himself. While it's unclear where the painting actually is, fans can at least hope that it is hanging in his house somewhere.


The stars of Black Panther have been pretty active on social media lately as excitement builds around the box office hit. One of Lupita Nyong'o's recent posts includes her and co-star Letitia Wright, who plays King T'Challa's younger sister Shuri, dropping a few bars in the front seat of a car. While Nyong'o posted the video on her Instagram account, it's Wright that really shines through here. Viewers can tell Nyong'o is having fun with her performance, but her lyrical skills pale in comparison to her co-stars.

Nyong'o even gave Wright her very own rap name, MC Underbite, and called her the best freestyler in Wakanda. With Wright's Shuri set to spend time in Oakland as part of her work with the Wakandan Outreach Center there, maybe the actresses' lyrical skills will make an appearance in an upcoming Black Panther sequel.


Every year, various families gather together to take group portraits around different holidays to document their time together. Instead of posting a picture with his family, Robert Downey Jr., the actor behind the very first superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, took to Instagram in a solo photo to celebrate Easter in 2016. Dressed in a giant bunny costume, Downey Jr. stood alone and gazed up into the sky.

Behind him are two small llamas and a beautiful scenic location, but no one else makes an appearance in the photo. Downey Jr. is undoubtedly a stylish guy who doesn't mind if he looks foolish, but this outfit makes him look like he's preparing for a live-action adaptation of Reader Rabbit instead of getting back in shape to portray Iron Man once again.


Michael B Jordan's performance as The Human Torch in Josh Trank's Fantastic Four movie was embarrassing, but luckily it didn't keep the actor from joining a different comic book universe. His take on the villainous Killmonger is one of the most talked about parts of Black Panther and fans of the actor are clamoring for more.

While his physique and skin marks were the characters most dominant physical qualities, Killmonger also has some white teeth. In the movie, he has two gold teeth on his lower jawline that give the character the appearance of having fangs, but his natural teeth appear healthy. Killmonger may have naturally shiny teeth, but Jordan has to put in work to keep them looking so clean. Back in 2014, the actor posted a selfie of himself getting his teeth whitened with the description "About that time again!"


Chadwick Boseman has a thing for iconic characters. In addition to playing Black Panther, Boseman has played historic figures like Jackie Robinson, James Brown and Thurgood Marshall. While each film touches on civil rights in some way, the roles all required different things from the actor. Instead of getting in peak fighting shape for every movie, Boseman has learned dance routines and baseball drills to bring his characters to life.

While filming 42, Boseman posted a picture of some behind the scenes action on Instagram. While prepping to film a locker room scene, the actors all stand around waiting with their towels tied around their waist. To make sure the towels don't slip off, a long strap is used keep the towel tight against the actor's body. In the photo, Boseman shows off his backside and watches a member of the costume team tighten his towel.


In what may be the biggest coincidence among Marvel casting decisions, actor Benedict Wong was cast to play Wong in Doctor Strange. The Sorcerer Supreme's trusted assistant, Wong is a key player in the Marvel Universe and is set to return in Infinity War this year. While the actor has a shaved head while participating in the Marvel Universe, when he plays Kublai Khan on Netflix's Marco Polo he has a long, wispy wig.

While there are still large bald spots across the character's head, there's no denying he's got some luscious locks. At least that's what Wong thinks if his video post should be believed. Set to a slow and funky bass line, Wong slowly moves a hair-dryer across his face and smirks into the camera.


Most actors aren't as lucky as Winston Duke. The actor who played M'Baku in Black Panther was fortunate enough to be cast in a wide-reaching project that people around the world will see for his very first feature film. Instead of grinding his way up the chain through commercials, he was able to quickly jump over from television to film after graduating from Yale.

Mark Ruffalo, whose film career stretches back decades at this point, had to work his way up through modeling work and commercial gigs before he hit the big time. Last August, Ruffalo posted a #throwbackthursday video clip of him wiping his face with an alcohol pad in a commercial from the '80s. Right in time for back to school season, the post serves as a reminder that even celebrities get acne sometimes!


"WHAT'S IN THE BOX!?!?!?" That famous line is likely the most notorious aspect of David Fincher's psychological thriller, Seven, but the answer to the question spoils the end of the movie. A movie about two detectives, played by Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, hunting down a serial killer who models his attacks on the seven deadly sins, Seven is a thriller that takes its time creating tension. Gwyneth Paltrow, who plays Pepper Potts in the Iron Man franchise, played Pitt's wife.

As her husband dives deeper into the case, his wife is left alone for an increasingly large amount of time. On Halloween last year, Paltrow and her partner Brad Falchuk hit the town in costumes based on the movie. While Falchuk dressed up as the murderous John Doe, Paltrow hit the town with a box over her head in a spoiler-filled reference to the fate of her character.


Jon Favreau is the director behind the first Iron Man film as well as the actor who plays Happy Hogan. As if that wasn't impressive enough, Favreau is also directing the upcoming live-action Lion King adaptation for Disney. Jon Favreau is a political operative who was one of President Obama's primary speechwriters. Now, he is one of the owners of Crooked Media and core contributor to its flagship title Pod Save America.

While these two individuals may have identical names, they are in fact separate people. Both Favreaus have jokingly complained about getting messages meant for the other on twitter, but since their work is in such different fields important things don't get mixed up. To set the record straight, Favreau posted a picture of himself with the political operative on Instagram so people can finally see the two of them together in the same room at the same time.


Sebastian Stan, the actor behind MCU's new so-called White Wolf, has been in two movies focusing on Olympic athletes. Not only is he one of the main characters in the Oscar nominated I, Tonya, he also appeared in the 2015 comedy The Bronze. A story about a former Olympic Bronze medalist who's living off her celebrity and father's salary, The Bronze cast Stan as an arrogant gold medal gymnast who ultimately becomes the main character's coach and baby-daddy later in life.

To celebrate the movie's theatrical release, Stan took to Instagram and showed off a video of him wearing athletic gear from the film. Standing in a dressing room, Stan dances and scoots his booty across the screen in a flurry of funny, embarrassing movements.

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